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"You fainted and I caught you. It was the first time I'd supported a human. You had such heavy bones. I put myself between you and gravity.

Impossible." - Xas, The Vintner's Luck.

I am no longer active at this account. Common sense says I should erase everything attached to this account (what with most of it being either very, VERY old or otherwise quite bad), but I can't. This profile was a large chunk of my life and identity growing up, and deleting over 50 fics, most of which I don't have backups for anymore, would feel wrong. It's poor work, the product of a mind with too many ideas and no discipline whatsoever, but once upon a time I was proud of it. Still am, in a way.

If you're reading this now, thank you. If you happen to stumble across one of my fics in the wild on this site and give it a read, thank you. If you're kind enough to comment, even after all these years, you are wonderful. I'm on Archive of Our Own under the same username (and equally inactive!), so if for whatever reason anyone reading this wants to shoot me a message, there I'll be.

Welp. Bye!

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