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Hey people how's it shaking o.O Good I hope? 'ight lets get on with this then. Favourite Game - Chrono Cross best game ever! I also adore the 'Tales of -' Series as they are, by far, the best running game series out there in my opinion!

ANYWAY! For a social update! I have been inactive siiinncceee 2003!! BUM BUM BUM!! That's right! 6 years people! And I came BACK! KUKUKUKU!!

Why you ask?

I unno it seemed like a good idea at the time? I was replaying Chrono Cross then re-reading my fanfiction (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh god what was I thinking XD coughs) and then realized oh yeah I remember my password o.O So hear we are XD

Anyway. As of right now, my pairing kick consists of one Major Focus and one minor focus. The minor being Kraine as Kratos and Raine of the wonderous Tales of Symphonia are nothing but the awesome together. THe Major being, of course.

Sheelos. (Sheena x Zelos, Tales of Symphonia)

Why? Because it's a bloody given and though I state to each there own - Shelloyd should not exist. Don't get me wrong, I love Lloyd - he's my favourite character - but he's not really a pairable character...I mean he's so dense and focused on bettering the world and helping EVERYONE that I don't know if he'd find the time to care for just one person exclusively - in my opinion. In my final defense on the matter...Shellos is hot .;

Bet you can't guess what my favourite game is X3

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