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Okay so i have no idea wat to write im just gunna go with it!!

Name: Dontchaya wish ya knew ya creepy stalker...

Nicknames:Toni,Keke,Kilala,Yaki, and so on...

Age:Whatever it wants to be

Gender:hmmm well im almost positive imma girl,either tht or theres something realllyyy wrong with me!!

Favorite colors:hmm blue,green,red,orange,yellow,purple,and pretty much anything except PINK god how i hate pink...

Hobbies:!!!Random stuff!!!!,reading, listening 2 music,wandering through my backyard/woods/forest thinga jigger?,hanging with friends,oooh and ive gotta gift for annnoying the crap out of ppl,young justice,anime, anddd being AWESOME!!!haha jkjk

Animes i like:Fruits Basket,Black butler,naruto, fullmetal alchemist,and others!

Games:Legend of zelda,Kingdom hearts, and others which i dont read about though

books:lots,and lots anD lots!!


If u havent noticed im obviously a tard (me and my besties word)who states the truth weather its nice/good or mean/bad and IF U DONT LIKE IT welll then GET OVER URSELF!!! plz dont think im being rude i just have a very short temper and get irritated very easily i may say things that i dont mean soo in advance immm soo sorry for watever i might possibly do!!haha i LOVE RANDOM THINGS!!! which include:most animals,cookiess,cupcakes ninjas,unicorns,oooh AND KYO!!!!haha i love lots of thingies tht are stupid but im not some stupid crazy obsessed girly girl (srry to all u stupid crazy obsessed girly girls)Most of my friends are idiots (no offense idiot friends)but i still love'em!!!Im not very good writer so if i every write a story tell me the good and bad things.

SOOOO Thats just a tiny bit bouts me(OHHHH and i luv using improper grammar just to all u ppl who think im an idiot who needs to die in H-E- double L hehe well i love u guys too!!)SOES if u hve any question or problems with me tell me,ask me,or get over urself!!!!

Well i hate to leave all u ppl reading my profile(CREEPY STALKERS!!!)without my Awesomeness but ull just hve to suffer!!!IM so srry plz forgive me hehe

See ya later peeps!!:)

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