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Nothing is special about me. I'm an animation fan. This is a list of my favorites animations :

- Robotech

- Blood+

- Shiki

- Vampire Knight

- Gosick

- Ga Rei Zero

- Shaun the Sheep

- Oggy

- Tom and Jerry

- Death note

and many others that I can't remember now.

If you want to know me , just watch "Shiki" the animation series , my thoughts and my behaviors are look like one of the characters in that series , the Junior monk (Muroi Seinshin) .

My favorite singers are Kanon Wakeshima and Britney Spears.

One thing is very disgusting for me : a man that beats a woman. I believe that human soul doesn't have gender .

One thing makes me really angry and sad : a person that beats a kid.

I'm a Muslim , I think anybody should choose hisown /herown beliefs independent from the family and friends , that kind of religion is the best way of living for the person.

please , go to my blog to read more about me.



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