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I write alot of ideas I can't finish. I've never really been into anime, but I've made exceptions for Gungrave. I kind of hated the fact that alot of loose ends went untied and questions unanswered, origins unknown, implications unelaborated, but it is now a great base to build one's own imaginitive conclusions.

I've also been working on an action comic series of my own on and off for about 8 yrs. It's taking so long because I keep getting frustrated and throuwing hte bulk of it away. I'm constantly having to recall and rebuild what I lose. It's not like I'm out to make anything off of it. I just like the satisfaction of it. It doesn't have to be a job, really. That would suck all the fun out.

I often write the comic base like parts of a book. I get better image ideas this way. I like it real dramatic, and fluffy, but I'm not even real good at fluff. I enjoy other peoples work when it stays true to the origin, but added fluff is usualy good, especially for a platonic couple that everyone is dying to see become romantic. Overboard is when they start to behave completely out of character.

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