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Approaching summer woop woop, can't wait for my holiday later on, got plenty of time to write now so can finally work more on my Mass Effect fic and my mind is pressuring me more and more to do something with my Persona 4 fic I wrote some of awhile ago . I got Persona 4 arena recently which started me off again but I've been holding off doing that much with it yet and actually posting it because I didn't want to be working on two things at once and subsequently spending forever on updating either story. So have fun everyone and keep reading awesome fanfics. :P

Gender: male,

Age: I'm an undergraduate at University so that should give you the general area :P.

Favourite Movies: Harry potter series, How to train your dragon, transformers series, mercury rising, the millenium trilogy (the swedish one, not the one with Daniel Craig), the holiday,

Favourite Books: The Inheritance Trilogy, The Harry potter series, the millenium trilogy, The black Magician Trilogy,

Favourite TV shows: brothers and sisters, friends, smallville, The big bang theory, glee, Avatar: the last airbender, W.I.T.C.H., 2 broke girls (Just to name a few anyway, there are loads of books and TV ect that I love ).

Favourite Quote: 'He's her lobster' (If you know what thats from instinctively, your awesome ).

97% of teens would cry if they saw Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen from Twilight) standing on top of a skyscraper, about to jump. copy and paste to your profile If you're one of the 3% who would sit, eating popcorn screaming "DO A BACK FLIP YOU SPARKLY RETARD!"

Recent studies show that 92 percent of teenagers have moved on to rap. If you're part of the 8 percent that hasn't, put this in your profile.

15 percent of every high school population is considered "Popular". 20 percent is desperate to become a part of the popular 15 percent. 20 percent couldn't care less. 15 percent realize that popularity doesn't matter. 10 are too busy worrying about their grades to care. 5 percent are goths, 5 percent can speak another language fluently, and 5 percent are too stupid to realize that no one likes them. If you are a part of the 5 percent who think the 'unpopular' 85 percent should rebel against the popular 15 percent, copy this into your profile.

If you have ever gotten so completely sidetracked in a conversation that you don't remember why you were talking in the first place, copy this into your profile.

If you have ever seen a movie (or show) so many times that you can quote it word for word. And you do at random moments; copy and paste this in you're profile.

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