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From an author's note by robst - Your My Density Ch 17

a plea to FFN

Why does FFN allow members to disable PM's, which can only be sent from other logged-in members, yet removed the facility for authors to decide whether or not to accept reviews from guests to the site? Being forced to receive caustic ramblings from people with no association with the site has long been a bugbear of mine. When these anonymous reviewers can sign their rants - I will kill you - then I think that takes the situation a step too far.

With all other forms of online interactions, opportunities to have incidents like this are being gradually closed down. Please return the option for authors to totally disable guest reviews, rather than the current moderate option. To moderate guest reviews, I still have to read them.

Members already have the facility to report or block reviews from other members. This option seems rather silly though when all they have to do is log out of FFN, and then can post whatever they like with not only anonymity but impunity too.

While FFN seems hell bent on protecting anonymous readers rights to say whatever they wish, a rather obvious point is being overlooked. Without authors, there won't be anything on the site for anyone to read.

If you agree with the above note, please consider adding it to your profile.

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