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Harry Potter, NCIS, Gossip Girl, Fifty Shades Of Grey, Teen Wolf, Merlin, Once Upon A Time.

1: Harry Potter forever in my heart!

2: Gossip Girl my obsession: The Gorgeous Chuck Bass!

3: Obsessed with Fifty Shades Of Grey! Amazing books!

In love with Ed Westwick!

Taylor Kinney my new addiction!

Christian Grey my new obsession!

I'm on Twitter just to let people know. If you follow me I'll follow you back :) https://twitter.com/HausOfKirron xoxo

IMPORTANT NOTE: I don't watch The Vampire Diaries anymore! I've given up on that show simply for the reason that season 4 is going to suck even more than season 3 as the triangle between Damon, Stefan and elena (Bitch who I hate) isn't over. I can't be bothered with the show anymore I mean its the same storyline since season 1. I'll still be reading Daroline fanfiction as I still ship them like mad :) Sorry for the rant I just needed to post this to get my anger out lol.

Harry Potter: Lucius and Narcissa, Harry and Hermione

NCIS: Tony and Abby

Gossip Girl: Chuck and Blair(OTP)

Fifty Shades Of Grey: Christian and Anastasia.

Teen Wolf: Derek and Lydia.

Merlin: Arthur and Gwen.

Vampire Diaries: Damon and Caroline(OTP)

Once Upon A Time: Belle and Mr Gold.

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