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One of the Few and the Proud Orcmancers of the LOTR fandom, most of my fanfic stories involve two things: Uruk-hai, and the ladies who luv em. Apparently there was no psychiatric medication in Middle Earth... Or at my house.

I have two long stories, one complete, and one not. I have NO intention of abandoning anything, but I do write on various subjects. So if you see that something has gone untouched for a while, it's probably the case that my schizophrenic muse has me dancing to some other tune. No worries, I will return at some point. But here's the thing: like many writers, I live for feedback. So if there is something you like, or you want more of, please do review! Praise or concrit, it really doesn't matter, so long as it doesn't feel like I'm writing into a void. I answer all PM's, too.

Fair warning: Whether it be Orcs or Royals, I tackle dark stuff, so most of my work falls in, or brushes up against, a mature rating. But there is usually always a romance hiding in there SOMEWHERE. So grab a flashlight, gentle reader, and journey on...

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