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I recently discovered that 's admins are finally cracking down on smut fics that go about their "M" rating. They are taking down fics and banning without warning. Alot of rather famous authors from many fandom are already jumping ship and taking their "M" rated fictions down, now I am doing the same.

If you're here, it's probably to flame me for a review I've given.

Well guess what?


Who the fuck am I?

I'm 'Enakai, or Kermit's Cousin. After nearly two years of lurking on this site, I have finally made an account. (Since the angry people I've reviewed are annoyed by my being an anon. I really don't see the difference though.) I'm 20 years old and currently living it up in Kahului, Hawaii. I love reading, but rarely write, so don't hold your breath if you're waiting for me to post a story. I am a harsh reviewer and I know that sometimes my reviews can be borderline flaming. But you know what? No, despite what your little reviewers say, I'm not jealous of your little story, and mad because I couldn't do better. So if you've come here to tell me that, please, let the door hit you in the face on the way out.

In my world, the 'don't like, don't read' rule does not exist. Ya wanna know why? 'Cause on this site, you can't beyond read the summary without actually reading the story, and since most writers always go "OMGPLZREVIEWCUZI'MSUCHAREVEWWHORE" I oblige. I don't give a shit if you posted your story for fun, if it's on this site, it's meant to be reviewed.

I must say, if one thing above everything else annoys the ever loving shit out of me, it's when some stupid sueother replaces a CANON CHARACTER with her own little made up idiot.

Also, another thing. I don't care if you have delicate feelings, you get no sympathy/compassion from me. I ran out of that a LONG time ago.

So bring the flames, they feed my soul! -Trollface-

When it comes to what I read, it's usually something dark, and twisted. But sometimes I swing towards the fluffy stuff. Most romances I read are slash, either because of the lack of CANON women in what I read, or dislike of what canon women in the subject I'm currently obsessed with. I (mostly) hate femOC's in Call of Duty because WOMEN ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE SPECIAL FORCES! I'm sorry, but it just one thing that I can't help but stress on.

I long ago abandoned the Assassin's Creed fandom due to the amount of idiots the keep reusing the same "Stupid self insert girl punches/kicks/fistbumps her xbox360/PS3 and get magically sucked into Altair/Ezio/Desmond's world". It's overused.

I love male OC's. I love them alot. Much more than the female ones because the females ones are usually overused cliche idiots. I also love OC/OC relationships, which is why I tend to play in that sandbox more often than not.

So without further ado, I bid you all aloha, adieu, caio, goodbye, whatever.

Whips and kisses- 'Enakai

Mhn, this might come back to bite me in the ass, but whatever. Hey Ecto1b!! Did you really block me just because I posted a review pretty obviously saying I thought the army catsuit for women was stupid? Really now love, I thought you said you were going to stop being a stuck up bitch in your last "Ghost That Haunted Me" update.

Since I do not want to be sued, I disclaim all characters in any subject I write in. They all belong to their respective copyright holders; I am just a young person playing in their sandboxes.

But, anything related to my "Four Riders of The Apocalypse" or "The Seven Personas of The Seven Deadly Sins" characters, settings, names, descriptions, ect. ect. belong to ME and ME alone. If you wish to use anything related to them in your story, please ask before you do, and credit me.

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