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Hi everybody. :) My name is Chrissy430. Chrissy for short. If you know Japanese, you can call me Ai, which means Love. I am a really loving person.

My favorite book seriesis Harry Potter.

My favorite book is Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.

My favorite movie is Romeo and Juliet (the one with Leonardo Dicaprio in it).

I'm tired of Christians saying that Harry Potter is evil. Besides my parents, I can't find any Christian that agrees with me that the Harry Potter books and movies are just entertainment. I say that as long as they're not taken seriously, such as wanting to become a witch, it's okay to read them. If you're a Christian and you agree with me, or you have solid reasons for not agreeing with me, I'd like you to email me. My email address is on my profile. Although that email address does tend to act up at times. I better address to email me at would be my yahoo one, which is
Anybody who wants to talk about anything can email me. I'd appreciate an email. (NOBODY EMAILS ME!)
I love anime and manga!

My favorite anime is Yu-Yu-Hakusho!

My favorite manga is Ceres!

This site is awesome!

I've found tons of good stories:)

I've also written my own stuff :)

Please, please, please, read and review it!

I try to update as much as possible, but I have school:(

Check out my favorite stories, too, their really good stories written by authors that I really admire:) :) :)

All of my stories are dedicated to my good friend Sichugirl.
Read anything written by her she writesYu-Yu-Hakusho, Tales of Symphonia, and Narutostories.
All of her stuff is great!
If you don't think so you just might suffer the consequences of "Dragon Of The Darkness Flame" (this is from Yu-Yu-Hakusho)
Also check out the stories on my favorite list, their good too. Check out my favorite authors, they also write good stuff.

My favorite bands are the Backstreet Boys and Green Day!

I listen to rap music more now though.

My favorite song is "Ridin" by Chamillionaire.

Some of my favorite rappers are 50 Cent, Eminem, Ne-yo, Juelz Santana.

That's it for now. :) :)

I'm beautiful, you might be too, but I'm more so.

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