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Do not go on the website talkfuction is fake and a scam It's fake stolen from me has not got my permission warning to the person who's do this stealing from an autism writer jerk I find you've take this note post it on the fake site stealing from and autism writer keep away from

talkfictions It's not me and its stealing wish you all luck and pry not done it to you it has email the admission team mark it urgent our storys Beeing taken (as I writen this posted it on the mirrors site to)

Need help was reading a great yugio fanfic when Tea had a twin sister betrayed her by dating her crush yugi started in the past then foray chapter on season 0 whomever finds it big shout and update one of my story's on that person choice pm please miss reading it

looking for a Beta Reader to help edit my story if you have the time pm and i'll send you the

chapter. I need help on my gramma so ifand in the coming chapter i will mention you and your current story you are working please PM if you are able to help

I am in my mid 20's that's all you are getting, female looking for a Beta reader for my twilight and Aladdin story please Message me if you can help.

coming in January 2014 Aladdin and his best friend Lillyan and Abu help her uncover her memory with laughter and adventure and romance, It will not be an Aladdin and Jasmine paring sorry Aladdin/O.C

wirten a new chronical of narnia prince caspian please check it out which is now completed, thank you and leave a Review when you have thank you.

Check out my one shot for twilight Meet Jamie Swan, O.C needed for Embry and Paul imprints PM me if you would like to be in as a wolf or just a soul mate like Kim and Emily. PM me answer asap.

keep an eye out for new moon if you want more chapters for meet Jamie Swan PM me.

New narnia story will be coming out the first chapter is in progress it will be from Jess main point of view. suprises will be coming round every corner follows the movie not the book.

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When you review my story's you'll get a shout out and thanks for the support and happy reading you more reviews the quicker I will try to update

please leave reviews on my story happy reading (:)(:)(:)(:)(:) ]


I found this out from a fellow FFnet author!

In this is an important notice that will affect everyone on this site and many others.

AJTREY got a message from a fellow writer, GameLover41592, and saw more notes and messages from even more, that SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) is back.

The bill that is threatening to take away our freedoms on the Internet is back.

Not only back, but it is trying to be passed quietly so nobody notices.

SOPA will guarantee that anybody who streams a video, whether it is on YouTube, a walkthrough for a video game, or a kid singing a song that is 'copyrighted', they will be treated as a felon.

That is one of the highest forms of criminal offenses for something as simple as uploading a video game walkthrough on youtube, playing a song with lyrics of your favorite artist and even visiting the website we all love, this one right here.

I am telling everyone this because it affects us all as Fanfiction will be attacked as well.

A FanFiction writer can be carted off to a maximum state prison for writing a character from Naruto into their fanfic, or a character from Bleach, or a character from One Piece, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Charmed, the list is endless.

You think I'm exaggerating?

I promise you that if this bill passes, it will not be long, not long at all!

Because once this passes, then anything goes.

Fanfiction will be attacked for using canon characters in a fanfiction manner, authors will be arrested for writing a book whose main character has glasses just like in another series, artists will be arrested for using sapphire blue or emerald green in the iris of one of their characters, like another author.

This affects us all, and we cannot allow it to happen.

I know that some of you may not believe me and I completely understand.

I could be making this up for all you know.

But I'm not, and I've provided links below to prove to you I am telling the truth.

Simply remove the spaces below, and see for yourself!

www . huffingtonpost 2013/08/07/unauthorized-streaming-felony_n_3720479 . html

www . washingtonpost blogs/the-switch/wp/2013/08/05/sopa-died-in-2012-b ut-obama-administration-wants-to-revive-part-of-it /

www . techdirt articles/20130805/12472124074/administration-cant- let-go-wants-to-bring-back-felony-streaming-provis ions-sopa . shtml: / www . youtube watch?v=1fTt4K4Cae4

Or just type 'SOPA' into the search bar on your homepage!

We are not as powerless as some might think.

We've stopped SOPA before and we WILL do it again.

Our stories, our ideas, our dreams, our passions are being threatened.

Everything, from FanFiction to Fan Art to YouTube, is in danger of being gone forever.

I am asking you to spread the word and fight this assault on our freedoms.

Because this isn't just going to affect Americans, it will affect everybody across the globe.

Tell your friends and have them pass along this message to their other friends so that we may stand up to fight this.

It is our right as freedom of speech.

We are not doing what we love to make money, we do it because we enjoy it and want to spread our words, our ideas, our art, and our dreams to everyone who wishes to see them.

We can stop them, but only if we stand together.

Remember, United We Stand, But Divided We Fall!

Please my friends, all of my fellow readers and writers, don't let what we love become nothing but a distant memory!

Please spread the word and help us to once again be free on the internet!

We've stopped SOPA before, so let's do it again!

Let's push SOPA back and fight for our freedom!

Please ewrite this and post it on your story chapters for everyone else to see so we can stop SOPA! I got this from Accalia Silvermoon please copy and paste this onto your stories we cant let this happen this is a hit against our freedom of speech! Silvermagic210.

Need help read a story when Bella and Edward were killed by Voldermort raised my Jacob She meets Harry and he's her singer can not find it saved in my favs please PM the name of the story it was an amazing twilght cross over Seth imprints on Cho chang and Lea imprints too please

help me find it and I will update one of my storys and give a massive shout out please help me

Read an amazing Tarzan character called Victoria was In lion king and cross over with Tarzan and lion king 2 wrriten story Peter Pan to live allful big adventure please help me fave stories miss reading

update Aladdin and shout out to pm and tell me the writer pen name big thank you

need help read a great Harry potter cross over TMNT Harry sister goes to hogwarts given a two way mirrow to keep in touch follows the 2003-2007 carton lone Harry adoptive by a American family left at a orphanage please miss reading please PM me

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