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Why, hello there.

If you happened to find this profile page by one of the many stories I might've published, congratulations, you win some internet points! Ah, if only.

This account is for when I do stories based on franchises that I really like, and have plot ideas that I'd like to share. I have a YouTube channel called Ouellette's Arts, with a link right here-- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeU_l9YyTvCRHrE36QrdeiA Where I post all sorts of videos, and hoping that people like them.

I also write for this site here called DC Prime-- https:///site/dcprimeuniverse/ & https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5424044/DC-Prime

DC Prime is me and a bunch of other very talented people writing all sorts of titles based on our favorite DC Superheroes. I'm currently writing Justice League of America and Zatanna: Mistress of Magic, and I'm one of the main heads for the site.

I also have a account here-- https://www.fictionpress.com/u/802644/ which is where I post my own original stories and such.

Now, what do I have planned for stuff on Fanfiction.net? Well, I've got a few stuff I'd like to start up, including:

Bioshock: Infinity and Beyond- "There is always a lighthouse. There is always a man, and there is always a city..." but sometimes, there is no happy ending. This one ends on a happy note. The Marvelous- Inspired by the legendary photographer Philip Sheldon, Grant Kemsley begins to take photos and write blogs about the countless superheroes that are in New York City, and what these heroes truly stand for, and why they are needed. Captain America: New Warfare- Steve Rogers is going back to war, but what he's thrown into is something Steve is completely unprepared for. This is a different kind a war Rogers had fought during his times in WW2. This was different. The Residents of Evil- A complete retelling of the Resident Evil franchise, with new settings, updated characters and changed story lines Putting in my friend and our's own spin on this classic horror series. Thomas and the Tank Engineers- A "darker and edgier" version, where the setting is in World War 2, and the Nazi's want Sodor Island for the valuable resources it holds there. So Sir. Topham Hatt forms a team of young railroad workers to transport people off the island, and get supplies over to their troops who will defend the Nazi's off the Island.

That's what I've got planned so far. I don't know my scheduling for some of these titles, due to my commitments on DC Prime and making short films and such, along with any sort of stuff that might be going on at the time, like the school musical or something like that. I'll do my best to release things, and hope you all enjoy what I do.

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