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Zelzainia and Lina PM
Joined Aug '11

Oh, well hello there my friends, welcome to my profile.

Zelzainia here, About me boxes are too awkward for my tastes haha

You can have some tea if you'd like, take a sit right here, relax, and then go change the world with your greatness!

Love to all!! :3

Bulletin of Zelzainia-ness:

I have officially finished my final fanfic and am "retired" if you can even call it that. Thank you everyone who has supported me on this site. I take that love and carry it to my original projects that I hope to turn into a similar success. I may no longer write on this site, but if you have any questions please send me a PM! I will happily reply.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the stories of:

Blitz the Hedgehog

Comrade Athelwine


They are my bestest of buds and have super awesome stories! ;D Keep writing guys!

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