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Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever. -- Napoleon Bonaparte

What writing? It's a tv show. How hard can it be? -- George Costanza

For me some words come easy, but I know that they don't mean that much. -- Jackson Browne

I'm male, British - English to be exact. (Yes, there's a difference.)

I've written stuff for the BBC and Channel 4. Mostly smalltime, but the BBC did show some interest in a sitcom pilot I'd written before deciding to pass. (I like to think with much soul-searching, but they prob just binned it.) I have a cushy lifestyle in a quiet but beautiful part of southern England. I'm pretty lucky. I can't complain - tho it's never stopped me before!

I love American popular culture, especially Seinfeld, Will & Grace, Sopranos, One Tree Hill, True Blood, T:SCC and most sci fi including BSG, Buffy and Firefly.



The Jeeves stories were inspired by an article in GQ magazine about London city-types being so wealthy they could afford personal valets.(Pre-credit crunch, natch) My stories place Jeeves and Bertie in a contemporary setting, bang slap in the 21st century. They didn't attract too much attention on fanfiction, but seem to have found an audience elsewhere, notably on several Wodehouse fansites where it's been suggested I'm a reincarnation of the Great Man himself, LOL!. My fav is prob Cheating Gutbucket, but the stats suggest Double Whammy is the pick of them. I'm a lousy judge when it comes to my own stuff.

The Secret Diary of Cameron Baum

This started out as a simple Cameron/Bridget Jones-type spoof, mutated somewhat, and is now my most popular fanfic by a distance, accounting for eighty percent of my traffic - new updates or no. It's strayed far from the canon yet retains an audience. Blows my mind. I've threatened to end it twice and still can't bring myself to leave it alone.


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