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Name's Sierra, but most just call me Si.

Preferred Pairings:

Harry Potter:

Draco/Hermione, Theodore/Hermione, Blaise/Ginny, and sometimes Harry/Hermione.

Fairy Tail:

Natsu/Lucy, Gray/Lucy, Erza/Jellal, Yukino/Rogue. I'm definitely not a fan of Natsu/Lisanna and am absolutely, completely, 100% against Gray/Juvia. Juvia's possessive, clingy, stalkerish attitude drives me nuts, I seriously can't stand her.


Gin/Rangiku, Momo/Toshiro.

Kingdom Hearts:


Teen Titans:


Favorites and Stuff

Favorite Anime: Fairy Tail

Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts

Favorite TV Show: Nikita

Favorite Cartoon: Teen Titans

Favorite Book: Night Angel trilogy

Favorite Fictional Character: Catwoman!

Favorite Anime Character: Uhh...like I could have just one.

Anime Crush: Again, like I could have just one.

Random Ramblings

Since I like to ramble, apparently, I'm going to make one part of this profile(that people probably won't even read) just random rambles, and maybe update it from time to time. I may or may not leave the past ramblings up. Okay, so, for the first ramble of the day, I'll start with...how nearly every favorite anime guy I've ever liked, and game ones too actually, all...die! I really want to name a few, quite a few, to show you what I mean, but seeing as that may give you spoilers for those of you that haven't seen/played the anime/game yet, I won't. Even so, I can count about six off the top of my head. I also know that my newest favorite will probably end up dying considering he's the main evil guy in the entire anime. Come to think of it, most of them are evil...man I really have a thing for evil guys, apparently. I can see relationship problems - more relationship problems - in my future. I better do something about that...but anyway. Bleach was my favorite anime for a long time until my favorite character in it died. Then I sorta...lost interest. I actually skipped that episode and even to this day haven't gone back to watch it. I tried but...it was too heartbreaking to watch. Okay, I know I'm maybe being a little dramatic right now, but come on, this guy was like...ugh! So yeah, thumbs down on that one Tite Kubo. I was actually ready to go and hunt the guy down for killing off my favorite character, funny how attached you can get to characters that "aren't real". They're real to the most passionate of us, though, so does it really matter? Well I mean, it would if someone were to actually kill the guy over it, that might be going a bit far, but maybe just forcing him to bring him back to life at gunpoint would be acceptable...kidding, kidding! I also wanted to transport myself into the anime and kill the character that killed him, but that's impossible. So, seeing as I can't physically kill the writer or the character, I can always become the writer and kill the character that way. Muahahaha! Then it would be real to me, and anyone who read it, at least somewhat. Man, it's really difficult writing this without using names, and most people that are into the anime probably know of the character's death already, but still... I sound a bit insane, don't I? That's what I get for rambling on here at 7:37 am after staying up all night. I need to go do other things like...watch one more episode of Fairy Tail and then get to work on schoolwork, then later I can sleep. Sleeeeep. Ahem, anyway, in case I decide to update these like, a journal or something, guess I'd better put a date. I'll be surprised if you've actually read this far, but, if you have, thank you for that, and I hope you found what I wrote interesting at the least. I never know how to end notes with a practical note-ending-type-thing, even if this isn't technically a note, so, uhh, bye? Yeah, okay awkward, but I'm just making it worse, so seriously just going to end this now. 5-17-13

Annddd back to randomly ramble. So, I know I haven't updated my story in ages, but I just can not get past this one stupid writer's block part. It's ridiculous but it's driving me nuts. I probably should have thought the story through more. On top of that, it's not even like I even actually have time to really write more. I absolutely can't wait until break... ugh. And I'm not as into Fairy Tail as I used to be, so that doesn't help. That's mostly due to not watching it in ages, but apparently they're continuing the anime soon, so that's good! Hm, what else? Oh, well, as it says above, I'm a definite fan of Theo/Hermione, and I have an old chapter that I wrote, that was meant to be a one-shot but might go better as a two-shot. And, well, I was considering, MAYBE posting it. But then what if I never finish it? And I already have another two-shot up that needs to be finished... I really suck at writing smutty scenes, darnit. It's like, I get all the way to the smut part, and then I just can't freakin' write anymore, it's so irritating! I might just leave it out and let the reader's imagine whatever they want, but what fun is that? I know I sometimes get mad at authors for that, it's like, "NOOO, NOW THERE'S THIS HUGE HOLE HERE", but yeah, I actually thought that the chapter I wrote was pretty good, and it must be decent because I'm really hard on myself. I think the characters are, for the most part, in character, as much as they can be for the story to go where I want it to go and considering the circumstances, annddd yeah. There are one or two little things that may need changing, though, so I might have to go back and clarify them. Also, there's a part where Snape says "whatever", and I should rearrange that sentence... wow these really are random ramblings, huh? Anyway... 11:04 am, and I'm rather tired... don't wanna sleep but I should since tomorrow is a big day. Physics test and all, plus performing for my acting class, English test, and all that other fun, fun, oh so very fun stuff... yeah, not. Anywho, if you actually got this far, again, thanks, and PM me telling me whether or not I should upload the story? It'd be appreciated! Oh, and, one last thing - any other Theo/Hermione lovers out there should definitely read Cartel's "Blotted Out". I want to read more sooo badly, but it's such a unique story, and I like it a lot! I'd recommend more but I can't remember the names of either the authors or stories... I think there's one called Mudbloods of the Deatheaters which I also enjoyed, or something. My mind is blergh. Gonna stop now, for real. Once I figure out a good ending line... I always have an issue with the awkward goodbyes, so screw it. Bye! 3-17-14

Hey look, another update for random ramblings, almost two years later! I'm an awful person, I know... Also, I would take these off of here, but it's interesting to go back and read them, even if they make my profile look weird. Anyway, I finally updated one of my stories. FINALLY! And... a lot of people followed it. Well, 24. I guess that's a lot? Though none of them reviewed, last I checked... I wish they would have, I'd like an opinion on something in my story. Also, someone followed and favorited ME! I feel so honored. But ahem, anyway. I also started another story, that I'm not sure where I'll go with, but I realized that I made a mistake in it that I'll have to amend when I write the next chapter, whenever that is. I re-read my Gralu fic, and... I'm actually pretty impressed at my writing at the time of it, but I'm not sure how I'll be able to write like that again. Practice makes perfect, I guess. I really want to continue that story, like right now, but I have to wait and watch more Fairy Tale again so I can get back into the swing of it, and kind of re-introduce myself to the characters and get to know them again. Whenever I have the time to do that, I shall! But life is quite hectic and busy for me quite often, so I make no promises or guarantees! Still, I will try to get back into it. Anyway, I'd like to keep this short, and not bore anyone. Feel free to PM me anytime, about anything(within reason of coursemeaning nothing too inappropriate and nothing mean)! Opinions, ideas, constructive criticisms, or even if you just want to chat. I love getting PM's! 2-21-16

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