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I probably stick out like a sore thumb in this community. But hell I don't give shit, I like being different. Now you're all probably forming an opinion of me as an uneducated thug from a hood in Brooklyn, but thats only partly true (only joking I aint a criminal). I really like reading and writing which really doesn't fit in with my other hobbies (you know the usual: armed robbery , scraping and pulling bitches :) Reading is a new hobby for me. Never read a book before now, other than the crappy ones (that I had to read) at the shit hole of a school I used to go to. Really want to go to college, but its hard to get into college where I live.

PS: Im joking.

But I am from the streets. I bought my own comp this year with money I saved from my part time job.

Anyway Im a huge fan of Hip Hop and I know what a bad name that has with most people: everyone seems to think its all about wannabe gangsters, drugs, murder and bitches. But really it isn't, thats the corrupt version being sold today; Hip Hop is about the struggle in all our lives, I love some of the political rappers today such as Lowkey and Immortal Technique, and many more, who are spreading good will and anti-violence in their music, too bad those hairy ass politicians never mention them when they call for the death of rap. I don't understand the fixation with pop music today; really they are all just corny love songs. As if there is any love left in this world, it's a cynical age: money controls everything and people don't give a fuck about anyone else anymore.

I hate my government and most governments for that matter, they are all corrupt fucks. Those dickheads are supposed to be examples for the 'children' huh? Two words: Power Hungry. Dick Cheney is a lying asshole; I'm waiting for the revolution now. I hated Bush; Obama is only a little better. Voting for for Ron Paul next time around or Dennis Kucinich. They promised to get rid of the unconstitutional Patriots Act; and they are bringing the troops back, who at the moment are doing nothing helpful for anyone other than Haliburtons. Read what the Patriot Act entails and you'll see how fucked up America is right now.

Now what else... hmm. I really love boxing and weightlifting and hope to be a pro boxer later in life (however in reality its either a doctor/ or a soldier).

I love the Inheritance Cycle (though I hate how stupid and soft Eragon is: I tell you he is a shame to the male species). I also really like Stephen Kings work. Then there is Simon Scarrow and his series based on the Roman Army or Legion as they call it (Macro is soo badass), this whole series is full of violence, any true man will enjoy it, the history is accurate aswell. Can you imagine a Roman Officer saying "fuck" and "shit" etc?.

James Rollin's Sigma Series offers a exciting blend of science and action and I love how the main character has to choose between two women: one he can completely trust (but this women is quite boring) and another who he cannot really trust and is a mystery to him because she works for the enemy in a way; though it is discovered that she is a double agent near the end (I rooted for this one, she sounds like she would be much better in bed than the other one, but seriously a relationship with her would be so interesting). They both love him, though the interesting one doesn't admit it (she is sorta of like Arya, just more badass and a lot more sly annnd very prepared to use men to climb higher in the organization, but she is a tormented character and you feel sorry for her; and for once she does actually love the main character). Unfortunately the author betrayed me by choosing the easy way out and picking women A (the boring one).

So yeah pretty much me and my likes.

Go Slim Shady

I might be getting a record deal in a few months!! Hell yeah, its's the only way put of the ghetto. I'll be sitting on millions... maybe. Lamborghini here I come. Yep that'll be the day...

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