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previously theircatlives, thekbeat, diggzer, algernonfetchjily, potteruntiltheveryend, jayrambles, ThisIsJayKay, JilyEvotter19, JilyEvotter2419, iheartweasleytwins and a smattering of other usernames i've now conveniently forgotten. i had another ff net account too, for non-hp stuff, but i left it; it was called OfQuillsAndParchment.

jilyspottering on tumblr.

so basically, sometime last year i left ff net, but then i decided to come back, so here i am. i'd wiped out my favourite stories and authors list and removed all my alerts so i'm trying to put that in order now. i've got some messages waiting for me which hopefully i'll reply to soon. if we knew each other here but have lost contact, feel free to pm me! i miss the old times :')

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