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hey everyone. i am metsfan101 but you could all call me Tyler. I am the author of the acclaimed action fanfiction "Espadas Reborn.".

A Brief plot overview for Espadas Reborn: The story begins with a mysterious sword wielder breaking into Muken and freeing Aizen from his prison cell. The mysterious sword wielder (later revealed to be Aizen's brother), used his zanpakto to resurrect the Espada, their Fraccion, as well as several other enemies and allies of the Soul Society. Aizen's war against the Soul Society had never ended; is has just begun.

Season 1: Chapters 1-19: The Resurrection

Season 2: Chapters 21-44: War: The Battle of Hueco Mundo

Season 3: Chapters 46-58: The Power and Tragedy Arc

Season 4: Chapters 60- 79: War: The Shinigami Death Battles

Season 5: Chapters 81- 100 :The Royal Palace Decimation Arc

I would like thank everyone who is reading a reviewing "Espadas Reborn" and i promise the action has only begun.

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