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Why, hello there!

Name's _ :)) and I am years old!!

This is the first fanfiction site I've been on and I love it so much but I also have an account on Quotev . com and Wattpad . com (I feel like I'm cheating on this website for moving on to 2 different websites...). You should probably read my stories on there too!

Quotev: iLoveZuko
Wattpad: ArieeeT
I use Wattpad the most now and I have a few stories on there including my one story on here: The Bullet Necklace.

Check out my OBF: cerealkiller16 !!!!

Here's some facts about me: -I LOVE ONE DIRECTION! -I love accents:) -I like cupcakes but not cake. -I LOVE ONE DIRECTION

Mmmkay. Bye.

"Live with no regrets" -Some person in the world.


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