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"Pleased to meet you!"

About me:

From: Earth

Age: old enough for M-rated

Greatest Strengths: uh... expositional narration, expositions, narration, conversations, monologues, just a lot of conversations. I love conversations.

Greatest Weaknesses: sucks at romance, action, trying to be funny and suspense.

I'm just a bad writer on a whole.


Currently interested in and writing for League of Legends.

Head canon for my LoL fic: everyone is Lulu's friend.

All the stories (bad writing) I've posted happen within the same universe. Some of them are even slightly connected.

The Hunt for Jhin: a sort of vague storyline written on a whim. Currently VERY messy since I don't know what I'm even doing anymore.

Other projects have been discontinued. I'm sorry for anyone who liked my EC fics (if any).

I write stories as a hobby since it helps me relax. Because of that very whimsy nature I cannot create a consistent storyline.


I suck at League and my most played champion (according to champ mastery) is Janna. Lulu is the second.

I like eating, writing and reading.

I am bad at spending time, so I have a lot of time on my hands to be useless and still feel I need more time. Anyway, should you like to chat (spend your time), I am always available.

I appreciate every review and favorite/follow given. It's my honor you enjoyed my works.

Most of my recent stories are handwritten then typewritten. And you can still see some mistakes were made...

I prefer non-pairing fan fictions.

Where else to find me?

Twitter: @Kuroshiro_kun;

Tumblr: hikarimurasaki;

AO3: Hikari_Murasaki

(Sorry, I can't seem to get links to work)

"Art requires a certain... cruelty."

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