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Due to collaborations with kathryn518, writing has definitely picked up again, and i'm hoping to not have the big breaks that I've experienced lately due to work kicking my butt.

Currently working on three primary stories (lots of others, doubt they'll ever be posted):

"Wizard Runemaster" - Harry / huge harem (9 girls plus random one night stands) - Warcraft Crossover (focused upon WoW storyline at level 60, 70, and 80). No outline. Inspired by "The Black Scorpion" by etincelle047. Just started writing what came to me. Will generally follow the raid progression of WoW, but I won't be doing everything under the sun, only what I find particularly interesting. Again, this story has absolutely no outline or plan other than what I think to write on a given day, hence why random weird tangents appear that have no true long-term impact on the story.

"Last Second Savior" - Main pairing Harry / Aayla Secura & Shaak T & Maris Brood - (Star Wars / HP Crossover). 12 of 41 outlined chapters written. Story was inspired by the two versions of "Sword and Magic" / "Sword and Magic" written by bluminous8 found here on and formerly on fic wad that I believe are both long abandoned. Chapter updates will slowly start trickling out. Goal was to make a more detail oriented story, but not go to an absolute extreme with it.

"The Wizard Ashikabi" - Harry / (Karasuba/Haihane/Musubi/Homura/Akitsu/Matsu/Taki/Yume) - (Harry / Sekirei Crossover) This story has been quiet because, quite frankly, I made a massive plot error that one of my beta's caught and I had to rewrite five chapters starting with the next one from the ground up to fix it. I redid my outline to match, but it honestly just killed me to need to rewrite that much content because I screwed something so simple up.

I have numerous other stories I'm also working on, most anywhere from 1 to 2 chapers, all the way up to a dozen. No idea if any will ever see the light of day.

Most of the non-published stuff is just things for me to have fun with. My primary three stories are still Ashikabi / LSS / WR.


Abandoned Stories That I really wish weren't:

The Spoils of War by Aerie22
Harry Potter and the Midnight Sun by Vanir (a guilty pleasure - good mindless fun that was so close to being finished)
Matryoshka Vignettes By Jeconais (face it, anything Jeconais writes is pure gold - I just wish this particular one was finished)
Lucifael's Writing - Just a great Author with tons of ideas (despite the fact he never finishes any of his stories)


- HP Stories where the author brings in characters that have common sense that were never really touched upon by JKR. Amelia Bones is probably the most prominent of them.

- Any stories involving Tonks / Fleur paired with Harry will usually grab my attention fairly quickly.

- Fem!Kyuubi - Enough said. Kumo girls (any of the primary 4) are right up there with that. Samui / Yugito / Karui / Mabui aren't in nearly enough stories.

- Tier Harribel / Tia Halibel. Dear Lord why don't more author's use her in cross-overs? Pretty Please? Girl has like, the most depressing background ever. It just screams damsel in distress.

- I *loathe* stories involving Ginny Weasley in pretty much any shape or fashion. Hermione Granger stories have slowly worked their way up to that level of annoyance with me as well, to the point where I've completely stopped reading stories with her as part of the primary pairing. Each time I read "Harry James Potter!" in all capitals in a story, I seriously ponder skipping the rest of that story.

- The standard fan-fiction portrayal of Luna Lovegood as this Idiot Savant Prophet-like figure, who knows all and sees all, and yet only deigns to tell the other mere mortals the most cryptic and useless garbage possible. I can handle Luna as a shy introverted girl who says crazy stuff to protect herself. I'm real tired of Luna, the reincarnation of Morgana, knowing all before it happens, then just confirming it out of nowhere when Harry sees her for breakfast the next morning.

- Hinata Hyuga. Dear lord people, give it a rest. The freaky little stalker isn't THAT interesting... in fact she's pretty damned boring. I'm so glad the filter option is available on searches now, because that character just annoys the living crap out of me. I just wish half the people who decided to pair Naruto with Anko didn't throw in Hinata as well. And don't get me started on Naruto being paired with one of the Kumo girls and also somehow being paired with Hinata.

- People who write stories where chapter one falls between 400 and 800 words. Any additional chapters under 1k words just make it worse.

- People who feel the need to PM me to berate me with the message "How dare I change canon." Uh, have you all read the name of this website?


Best visualization of Tonks I've ever seen:
Tonks by Patilda

Surprisingly good illustration of someone who doesn't appear in nearly enough fanfics:

Something that still makes me laugh 5 years after I first saw it:
Super Lucky Star

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