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Oh my gosh, am I really back? Of course I am. In fact, I've already posted my rewritten and edited version of my first story! Like I said, I'm posting what I meant to fully say in my author note without actually clogging up my story with it. I left off with saying how much I loved your reviews, and I meant it wholeheartedly. I have a copy of each and every one of them. Creeper status, right? But there's no way in hell I'm deleting them. I even made copies! I made copies of the copies! Not really. Sorry. But now I'm back, and I do intend to finish my story. And perhaps republish some of my other stories that I deleted. But 'I Wonder What School is Like?' takes full priority! I've left you guys alone for far too long and you really deserve an ending to it.

So yeah, end my sappy reunion with this site. End it with a knife because I still have a few chapters to edit and repost. Again, thank you guys so much!

Best Pokemon Shippings (Best in my opinion. You're free to like whatever you want.)

COMMONERSHIPPING (DiamondxPlatina) Favorite pokemon couple. ;D

LuckyShipping (RedxBlue) Personally, I think Blue and Red look adorable together.

MangaQuestShipping (GoldxCrystal) Adorable people go together xD.

FranticShipping (RubyxSapphire) It's pretty much canon.

FeelingShipping (GreenxYellow) Well well... all the feels!

Least Favorite Shippings

HaughtyShipping (PearlxPlatina) Pearl scares me. Ehehe... Pearl can stay alone.

MangaPokeShipping (RedxMisty) Misty in the manga is just... I dunno. She looks much better with Ash.

ChoosenShipping (SilverxBlue) They're just too cute in a sibling sort of way.

I can tolerate any other Shipping, even slash.

Best Golden Sun Shippings (Again, these are in my opinion.)

MudShipping (IsaacxMia) Miaaaaa!!! Ehehe... favorite GS couple. :D

SteamShipping (GaretxMia) I like Mia, a lot! xD

WindShipping (IvanxSheba) Midgets are cute haha!

FlameShipping (GaretxJenna) They look good together. :3

Least Favorite Golden Sun Shippings

SoftShipping (FelixMia) Felix just does not look good with Mia. No offense to those who like it.

ValeShipping (IsaacxJenna) Screw canon! Mudshipping for life! :3 (Although I do sort of like them together.)

All others I can tolerate. Except for IsaacxPiers. Why? Whyyyyy? I love them both dearly, just not together.

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