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I am a Ghost Writer you don't know who I am but I am everywhere.

I am an anonymous fan of Pretty Little Liars, the Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Supernatural, The Lying Game, and so much more. I don’t use profanity in my writing just a lot of details. I don’t comment any of my fans back because I don’t know you at all. On the internet these days you must be careful because it is dangerous to speak to people you don’t know. I am an unpublished author looking for fans to read my work. I work hard to get somewhere in my life though I do wish to become a professional author of dark fantasy, Paranormal Romanics, and Romanics. I hope for someone to read my work just to get your take on it. I am a fan of ONCE UPON A TIME as well.

To ALL of my fans please enjoy my writing and do be careful on the internet.

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