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I am the proud Mother of 4 beautiful children. We call home the tiny State of New Jersey...the beautiful beaches are just about a 30 minute car ride away!

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my older children, playing with my youngest, and my stress reliever is reading.

It is crazy how time flies right in front of you, so just remember to enjoy all of life's little moments. Every insignificant thing may be monumental in the big picture we make of our lives.

I have pre-read the first few chapters of a good family/romance story: To Love Again by Amoet. Take a moment to check it out, it is truly amazing, and complete.

Summary: After a difficult divorce at a young age, Bella and her 2 year old son, Nathan, move from Seattle to Chicago to run a flower shop, Belle Fleuriste, and start a new life. It was just the two of them for 7 years. How
does the handsome and charming Edward Cullen change their lives?

I have pre-read Chapter 2 the new romance/suspence story: Volturi Pet by Freedom of Creation.

Summary: Eliza moves to Volterra, Italy due to her father's new job. As she takes a tour through the Volturi castle she realizes her mistake. Before she can escape the Volturi take her, noticing something special about the girl once they try to feed on her. After discovering her abilities they have her go to Forks, Washington, making her spy on the Cullens for them. What will come of this?

I have also pre-read a chapter of the wonderful and suspenseful story Taken by gaaragirl202.

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