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Update Jun 2015 - Lol, this profile is now even more ancient. I may keep it as is just because it makes me laugh every time. I can be found on tumblr - (active), and livejournal - (not active).

Update Dec 2013 - Wow, this profile is ancient. Will update so that it doesn't sound quite so teen-ish later, but in a nutshell, I have been out of the fandom game for a very, very long time, and now that life has settled down a bit, I am thinking about coming back.

I’ve been reading fanfic since Nov 2002, but I finally took that first scary step and wrote a fic for the GRB ficathon Jan 2005. I have a plethora of story ideas swirling around in my head, and I plan to commit them to paper eventually. My taste runs to UC ships, and I am unabashedly thrilled by them. There are very few ships I dislike, and I will read almost any flavor of fic. Dark fic is something I absolutely cannot read, and I need to be in a special mood for angst. My fandoms and the prevalent ships within are as follow:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
Ship I adore beyond the telling of it: Buffy/Giles, by far!
Recipients of my loathing: Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Riley, and Buffy/Spike.

I will read almost anything, actually. The five that I like very much are Chandler/Joey, Chandler/Monica, Chandler/Rachel, Joey/Rachel, and Phoebe/Ross. I don’t think Ross and Rachel are right for each other, but I will read well-written fics featuring the lobsters.

Harry Potter:
Ships I adore beyond the telling of it: Hermione/Lupin, Hermione/Sirius, and Hermione/Snape.
The only fics I avoid are the ones involving Voldemort (Tom Riddle) or Lucius Malfoy.

The West Wing:
I will read anything! I can’t think of a single West Wing ship that I wouldn’t read, oh, wait, got one! If it involves Amy, I don’t read it. You will find that I am not Amy’s biggest fan.

Gilmore Girls:
Ships I adore beyond the telling of it: Luke/Lorelai and Rory/Dean (Yes, I'm an unabashed Narco, please deal with it.)
I almost never read Rory/Jess, /Logan, or /Tristan, unless it's exceptionally well-written and I've been sucked in before realizing what the ship is. I like /Marty and /Finn fics well enough, so long as they don't bash Dean.

Grey's Anatomy:
Ships I adore beyond the telling of it: Meredith/McDreamy, Denny/Izzie, and Burke/Cristina.
While I love Addison, I don't like her with Derek, so I tend to avoid those. Of course, any fic that has Addie getting her McSteamy is fine with me!

I have a LiveJournal, and my occasional forays into writing/imaging can also be found there.

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