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Name (Nickname/s): I go by Fluffy, Cookie, Badger, Badgermole, Loni, Ruffus (yes, like in Kim Possible) and recently Ice.

Gender: Cis Female (Gender is weird though \_(ツ)_/)

Pronouns: she/her/they.

Sexual Orientation: Since I was fourteen I defined myself as bisexual but recent years I came to the conclusion I’m Demisexual

Romanic Orientation: Heck yeah, Biromantic!

Personality Type: INFP (The Mediator)

Ethnicity: I’m mix race, half pure blooded Papua New Guinean and half Australian with stuff like German, Irish, Scottish and British thrown in. There’s probably more but who knows with my dad’s side of the family.

Birthday: 13th April

Important stuff: I am an aspiring writer and an amateur artist.

Even more important stuff: I have OCD, self-diagnosed HDD, anxiety, slightly autistic and literally diagnosed by a physiologist friend of my dad as being just weird.

Other stuff: Great plot, realistic characters and character development are what I live for. I’m have a thing about analysing everything and I very rarely ship anything that doesn’t make sense or is not beneficial for the characters involved or at least cannon (though I have been known to disagree with cannon). I’m a lover angst but with later happy endings (as long as the ending is realistic).

I’m not big on putting people down or telling them how to think. I love debating, though and seeing if I can change someone’s mind and if they can change mine. I’m a strong believer in freedom of opinion as we should all be entitled to that but I can’t stand people who cannot come up with an intelligent argument if they feel the need to disagree. Things like “that’s stupid” or “that’ll never happen” without anything to back it up, gets to me. If that is just how someone feels than that’s fine but you have the choice not to look/read/listen and just ignore it.

My main fandoms

Steven Universe (my current obsession)

Miraculous LadyBug (My “I’m not sorry” obsession)

Gravity Falls (This show speaks to my paranoia)

Rick and Morty (This show has method to its madness. It’s like me :D)

Avatar TLA & LOK (This was my childhood and a dream come true when it became gay af)

Undertale (the story! The story!)

Legend of Zelda franchise (these game were my childhood)

Pokémon franchise (again my childhood. The show is so annoying now but I rock the games)

Digimon franchise (right in the childhood)

Fairy Tail (why must you break my heart and make me love you more)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (God damn it the fudging plot, characters and relationships! Where was this anime in my childhood?)

Harry Potter (How can I not love this series)

Percy Jackson (Where were you when I was ten?)

My fav ships

Steven Universe: OTP: Conniverse, Pearlmethyst, Rupphire, and Rose/Greg. Crackship: Lapidot, Jaspidot (I’m on the fence with these two and wouldn’t mind either), slinkipeedle (@bpd-amethyst enough said)

Miraculous Ladybug: LadyNoir/Adrienette/Ladrien/MariChat, DJWifi!!! and Julerose (of course)

Gravity Falls: OTP: Mabcifica, WenDip and Dipcifica

Rick and Morty: I don’t have any. This is a show that focuses more on family relations than actual ships and I love it for that.

Avatar TLA & LOK: OTP: Kataang and Korrami

Undertale: OTP: Soriel, Alphyne, Papyton

Legend of Zelda franchise: OTP: ZeLink (Skyward sword, Spirit Tracks), Telink (Wind waker), MaLink (Ocarina of time and Majora’s mask), MidLink (TWILIGHT PRINCESS!!!)

Fairy Tail: OTP: NALU!!!!, GaLe, Gruvia, Jerza

Full Metal Alchemist BrotherHood: EVERY CANON SHIP!!!!!

Harry Potter: Hinny and Romione, Luna/Neville, Jily, Remadora and Severus/Lily

Percy Jackson: Percy/Annabeth, Luke/Thalia, Grover/Juniper, Leo/Calypso, Jason/Piper, Percy/Nico, and Jason/Nico

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