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Profile bios... *sigh*. I literally despise writing these damn things, so I apologize for how anticlimactic mine is ahead of time amigos.

Hello, hello:

Though I'm new at posting on here, I'm a veteran when it comes to reading FF's. I love that I'm not the only person with a twisted, insanely perverted sense of imagination on here. It's fabulous.

I'm currently working on finishing Is it Destiny, or am I Just Hungry, but knowing me, I'm bound to start other stories in between. And yes, they will probably be of Pokemon or Fairy tail, or just whatever I'm currently obsessing over. And most likely not canon. Also probably/mostlikely rated M. Or rated T, because pfffff, I'm not always perverse.

I Like:

Well-written smut. And lots of it.

To avoid predictability in stories.

Canon sometimes, but crack ships give me life.

Side Note:

I currently do all proofreading and editing myself, so as much of a grammar Nazi as I am, you might find a mistake(s) in my work. Please feel free to point them out and I'll fix them. Much love *muah, muah*.

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