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Name: Eh, just call me animerocker...

Gender: Female

Age: Legal

Adress: A mystery to you

Hobbies: Reading, writing, watching anime, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends

Important information regaurding my fanfictions...just scroll till you find the bolded stuff under writing =D

Books I've read more than once:

Harry Potter (the 3rd and 6th are my fav),The Mortal Instruments ,The Infernal devices, The last dragon eye series (Eon and Eona), any Tamora Pierce book, The Kane chronicle, Pride and Prejudice (donl't knock it till you try it), and more...

-If anyone would like book suggestions just ask me (I'm book obssessed)


Mostly punk rock and Alternative with a few pop artists thrown into the mix.

Anime my favorites:

1. Darker than Black- EPIC

2. Vampire Knight- Very good

3. Prince of Tennis- Some say borning but I've seen all the episodes more than once

4. Sugar Sugar Rune: For Kiddies, but I liked it

5. Digimon- one of the first anime I saw as a kid and still good

6. DBZ- epic battles and violence (what more can you ask for)

7. Oban Star Racers- Hard to find the episodes, but very good all the same

8. FMA- I haven't see all the episodes but I'm hooked

9. Code Geass- Strategic till the end

10. Yu-Gi-Oh- A kid with an ancient pharoh stuck in his brain? That's original

Favorite anime couples (I was ordered to put this on)

Darker than Black: Yin/Hei

Vampire knight: Yuuki and Zero

Sugar Sugar Rune: Chocolate/ Perrie

Prince of tennis: Ryoma/Sakuno

Digimon: Kari/ TK

DBZ: Gohan/ Videl

The others aren't really romantic. XD


Corrently I'm writing my own personal book- It's going to be epic

I'm in the middle of writing a Harry Potter Fic (Finished)

Time Travel? is done

A Lily's Scorpion (Finished)

And I'm in the middle of a Maximum Ride Fic (chapters pendding)

Sorry about this one, but I'm in the midst of editing it and it is taking a lot longer than I thought it would.

And a little bit of Mortal Intruments thrown in there (chapter pedding once more)

Sorry about the delay,

Young Justice

Dimensional Headaches and

A Dimensional Sequel is done

Book Couples:

Harry Potter- Scorpius H. Malfoy and Lily L. Potter (gotta go for the underdog)

Maximum Ride- Fang and Max

Mortal Instruments- Clary and Jace

Infernal Devices: Jem and Tessa (Once again the underdogs)

Dragon Eye Series- Eona and Kygo

Kane Chronicle: Sadie and Anubus (I think their cute)


I'm a bit impatient, slightly crazy. I don't take people's crap, I'll call you out on it. I'm quiet when you don't know me and loud when you do, and help my friends with their problems (guess that makes me nice to an extent).

A Very Potter Muscial and A very Potter Sequel

Sirius to Harry and Ron: Never tell a girl you like her. It makes you look like an idiot (for all those girls out there how are wonding why their crushes won't ask them out)

Update 4/21/15

So, I haven't updated my profile in a long time…nearly 4 years. So, I'm in college now, so my life is super busy. I don't have much time for fun writing like this, despite the fact that I'm in a creative writing class, the irony.

I've gotten quite a few questions about Harriet Potter: The Marauder's Heir. Here's the answer, it's been moved to wattpad. It's another writing site and really easy to find. It literally has the same name and is under the same username as it is here. Fanficiton kept removing it here saying that I was using song lyrics…which I wasn't.

Anyway, if you have any questions, PM me. I should get back rather quickly.

I might be starting a new project here this summer, not sure about it quite yet. I have a few things I need to get done, a few internships to apply for and so on.

Growing up sucks, stay young.


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