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i am Stephy i am 18 years old i love Harry Potter,Johnny Depp,Lion king 123 ,HSM 123 of course i love Sirius,Remus,Tonks,Captain Teague and Captain Jack Sparrow,Harry,Ginny,ZANESSA FAN 3


Disney (In general): Simba (The Lion King), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Troy "( High School Musical) Captain Jack Sparrow and Captian Teague( Jack's Dad) Pirates of the Caribbean

Music : i am huge fan of the rolling Stones and Of cpurse my favotion Song is you got Sliver by Keith Richards

Tv: Ant and Dec Satuarday Night takaway, disneychannell

movies : HSM 123 /Pirates of the Caribbean

Fighting evil by torchlight

Winning Quidditch matches by daylight

Never running from Lord Voldemort

He is the one named Harry Potter

He would never turn his back on a friend

He is constantly there to defend

He is the one on whom many depend

Here are some of his friends…

Ronald Weasley


Sirius Black

Professor Lupin

With magic powers all so new to him

He is the one named Harry Potter

Fighting evil by torchlight

Winning Quidditch matches by daylight

With his best friends and famous lightning scar

He is the one named Harry Potter

He is the one named Harry Potter

He is the one…Harry Potter!

his Friends for Fought with Harry will always be in his heart no matted what and Sirius Black will always be his proud Godfather

Welcome to Pirate Cat's Universe, mates!

I love Pirates of the Caribbean! It's my opinion that Jack Sparrow is THE most wonderful character ever created. Johnny Depp is a genius, and I am embarassed to say that he reduces me to a little fangirl even at my age (yes, everyone I am over 50! Pathetic, isn't it?). One of my friends and I have decided that we are Fan Women, and that makes it all okay:)

I am a firm supporter of Will and Elizabeth as a couple, with Jack as their addled, eccentric pal. In my universe, almost all of my stories are postAWE, and they have all grown up... even Jack. They have gotten past all of their differences, they all now finally understand each other, and they sail together on the Black Pearl... in one of my long fics, "Calypso's Hand", I think I did a pretty fair job of finding a loophole in the curse of the Flying Dutchman, and Will is reunited with his wife and friends.

I have retired Elizabeth as Pirate King in my stories, as frankly, she was physically overpowered, easily, by both Sao Feng and Davy Jones in AWE... in my opinion, she simply does NOT have what it takes to survive as a pirate captain, for long ... so she is no longer a captain or Pirate King in my fics... she is a highly respected member of Jack's crew.

As for Jack, himself... I tend to write him as nicer than some like. He is human. He has faults, of course, and a lot of them, but is rather sweet at times, just like Johnny meant to have the moviegoers see him.

Jack is not in love with Elizabeth, never was and never will be, nor was she with him. Will and Elizabeth are soul mates... they are meant to be together. Not once did I see the "chemistry" between Jack and Elizabeth, I only saw two people challenging each other to recognize things about themselves that they didn't wish to, and pushing each other's buttons. Sparrabeth lives on only in fanfiction, and that's okay for those who like it, but I loathe it. Elizabeth picked Will... Jack was too busy to notice much of anything in AWE because he was dealing with a badly fried brain. END OF STORY.

I also write Jack as very much mentally impaired many times... I hardly see any authors picking up on the very obvious damage that he suffered from his ordeal in the Locker, and that mystifies me, as it was a major part of Jack's character in AWE. He is so endearingly addled, and so much fun to write that way.

I do find that I have trouble with Jack's speech patterns and dialogue... I finally recognize that, so I won't let it bother me any longer, since I am told that I write a very good Captain Teague and William Turner! I set up moods and scenes pretty well, and am pretty good with descriptions, so those are my strong areas...

You will never see Will, Elizabeth and Jack at each other's throats, in my stories...I try to provide reasons for characters being the ways that they are; I delight in providing back storys. I also stick very close to Disney canon, but since my stories are primarily post AWE, I take some creative license!

I am of a newly discovered Irish background, so that is a prevalent theme in my fics... in fact, Jack is an Irishman, by heritage, in my stories, but he was raised speaking Irish Gaelic in his gypsy mother's home, so that is why his odd English is so fractured... he learned it later in his childhood, and it's not his first language! Of course, Jack claims no country as a sailor and a pirate, but he finds his way back to Eire a lot in my stories... eventually settling on Ireland as his home on land, once the golden age of piracy fades.

Jack has a pretty sad past in my stories, so it explains why he is the way that he is, as an adult - selfish, at times, and very self-serving when he wants something, but made that way because of all that he has lost and been pushed into during his lifetime... of course, he has an heroic side, too, as he was not always a pirate, and really has a decent heart under all of the trappings of Captain Jack Sparrow.

That's all. Pirate Cat's Universe! Loves me Jack, loves me Will, loves me PIRATES! Pop the cork, and pass the rum!

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