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HEY! My name is Miranda, I'm 20, and I have a basketball game tomORROW (is that meme dead?)

my tumblr:

my psych tumblr:


I KNOW! I KNOW! I am the largest procrastinator!! I may or may not have a problem. But hey, I'm here and I'm trying my best.

Also, while you are here, you should totally check out my awesome writing buddy Koohii Kappu.

My shows include but are not limited to:

Criminal Minds Psych Leverage Supernatural Doctor Who Sherlock The Listener The Mentalist Monk Castle

Smaller known shows:

Broadchurch Single Father Gracepoint

Other fandoms:

Harry Potter Hunger Games TFIOS Friends DC Comics (namely Nightwing/Teen Titans/Batman)


Shules (Psych) Destiel (Supernatural) Johnlock (Sherlock) Pardison (Leverage) Ten & Rose (Doctor Who) Garcia & Morgan (Criminal Minds) (more as a brotp though) Jisbon (Mentalist) Caskett (Castle)

Don't give up on me even if I haven't posted in a while.

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