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Link for dA: kumofuzei.deviantart(.)com

Link for Digimon Solstice Reprieve site: digimonsolsticereprieve.wordpress(.)com

I've been writing for longer than I care to remember; it is something I have always loved and, much like J.K Rowling, I would love to one day inspire an entire generation to read. I am not in anyway a serious person and I enjoy to goof around - a lot (hence my infrequent updates). I'm from the U.K and, oh, and I'm male.

Current Projects:

Digimon: Solstice Reprieve (w w w . kumofuzei . deviantart . com / gallery / 48065158 / DigimonSolsticeReprieve)
Wrong Wrong Wrong (T.K x Davis).[Currently Rewriting]
Nursery Rhymes (Young Digi-destined). [On Hiatus] [Currently Rewriting]
Digital Charge - Joint fic with HawkRider. [On his account]

Rewriting: (If it's not on here, it's been done)

Bedroom Antics (Yuri for 2 chapters then m/f/f for the third). [Currently Rewriting]
Playing games (Taiki x Yuu). [Currently Rewriting]
Manic Mimi (I did it! My first real multi-chapter fanfic as I see it.) [Awaiting a Rewrite]
Our Hearts in the snow (Winter fanfic, Sora x Matt). [Currently Rewriting]
T & K (Short fic written on my birthday, T.K x Kari). [Currently Rewriting]
Midnight Ponder (Mimi x Joe). [Awaiting a Rewrite]
New Year's Party (Digi-destined party with all the weird crack pairings I could think of). [Currently Rewriting]
Beats of your heart (Love fic). [Awaiting a Rewrite]

End notes:

If you have a problem with one of my reviews then: I'm sorry. This is all I can say. I know I'm a very harsh reviewer and it's all done with the best intentions but sometimes this isn't clear. I don't blame you if you aren't happy, because I wouldn't want some of my reviews either. However, please just PM me instead of getting upset. I'd rather you vent and get angry at me then actually get upset in real life. I only bite if you do :3.

I'm currently doing some joint fics with HawkRider, he is on my favourite list so feel free to check him out and read our fics and his other stories too!

Thank you to everyone that reads my stories, I hope that they make your day as much as they do mine.

Over 1000 reviews given and counting!

I find all my images on google (and so don't own them unless otherwise specified). If it belongs to you then politely let me know and I'll take it down.

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