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Hello Everyone My name is Quianna or if you get confused by the spelling its Kianna but with a "Q" I live in Hot Arizona I am a student,and besides being on I like to read , be with friends and spend most of my time playing the piano and being on Youtube.com I don't know why but its a VERY addicting site :I. Umm some people think I'm blasian(Black/asian) I am not sadly TT_TT BUT I LOVE the Japanese culture and I plan to go to Japan later on in life and get a dog from there and name him Bayu(name of Kagome's Cat ^_^) I also Adore the english's accents they're are just so darn cute XD I am a video game Gal(Kingdom Hearts ,II,III, Bayonetta, Left 4 dead 2,Modern warfare,bio shock the list just goes on ^_^'.

My top fav anime is: Inuyasha(first anime I watched), Naurto, Bleach, Lucky star, Hell girl, WitchBlade,Soul Eater,Tokyo mew mew(first manga book I read),Shakugan No shana, K-on, Black Bulter, Hetilia,Death NOte,D-Gray, cannan. AND I plan to buy the Street Fighter X teekan (Spelled that wrong -_-) Game!!!


Junjou romantica(First one I watched and read)

Loveless (even though its more of a shouen-ai

Ai no Kusabi

Veiw Finder

Hard core Heart

Royal Fiance


Plenty more yaoi but for the sake of people I wont go on.

Anyway thats a little bit about me.. If you want to know more feel free to mesage me :)

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