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The name is Yuuri(pen name). Not much about me except for the fact that I'm in love with science fiction, and non-exsisting things that could be real. I believe inextrodinary things that would make others think I'm weird. Above all, I'm in love with writing. My dream is to one day be top best author and create the best books. I want to strive to the top and become number one. It maybe impossible, but I'd like to give it all I got. I'm 15 years old right now, and I don't know much. My grammers still need ALOT of work, and so, please help me if you could. I live in Albemarle NC and I want to do many things I can to become number author. :D

What type of person am I?

I'm a person who is selfish, hateful, burdening, weird, not that funny, full of life, stupid, strong mentally, bi-polar, I have issues that involves my selfishness, and I know who I am. (I'm not trying to be conceited) I'm saying that I know why I do things, and who I want to become. I may make mistakes, but I don't regret them, for they take me to a higher possition in the future. If I haven't made the mistakes I made, then I wouldn't know how it feels to feel how I do today. I like to make mistakes sometimes. I'm gullable. I don't know what is out there in the real world. I do know that there are evil people out there. I would like to prevent that from happening, but I can't do anything about it besides inspire those who are evil. I'm very independable, so I don't depend on alot of people. But, this time, I'm going to let the heroes save the good from the bad; while I do my job as an author. There are times where I get mad, and then all of a sudden I'll be so nice to you. I do that, to save us from wars. I do that so that I won't ever ruin our relationship. My sister and I get in fights alot, but, I'm always the one to make up. The funny thing is, I'm the one who starts it too, well most of the time. The friends I have...are not my friends. Like my mom said, my true friends are none other than my sister. My to talk about them self. Their life, their boyfriends. I'm not into boyfriends and all that, but I believe that my true love who will be my best friend will come one day. I'm not going to sulk about my life of friendship and being a loner, because I have my story, and my GWC unrealistic friends. Haha, I know I'm living in a world of fantasy...but whats the reason for me to dream about them? Why did I dream about them? Why am I seeing faces I've never seen in my dreams? I know their names and faces, but they're not known on any website or anything. Not facebook, or myspace. When I say I'm selfish, I mean it. I'm very selfish. I like to do things my way, and I like to do things the way I want to do them. I get what I want from my parents. I know them so well too. LOL. My family and friends are my life. I'm always the host of the parties that I create. In my life, there is something that always bothered me. Death. I'm scared of being alone, and scared that maybe one day, I'll be alone and what should I do when someone does pass away? Everyone will leave me? But something came into my head; Why do I need to be scared of loosing someone? So I told all of my friends and family, that they need to be healthy and be strong. That they can't leave me here. Somewhere in my heart I have this...feeling, that something is going to happen to me as well. Somewhere in my aching heart is this yearning for death so that I won't have to see anyone die. But HELL NO AM I GOING TO DIE! :) I'm not going to die till I create this one story of my life. So everyone will know, how people is going through life. If someone is cutting themselves, why should they? Just because your getting lectures doesn't mean you should die. It just means you can go further! You don't need a knife to tell you what to do when you can do it yourself. I'm a burden to others. I know. People hate me. I know. I'm stupid, I know. I have anger issues...I know. I have weird taste, I know. I'm FAT, I know. People tell me this all the time. I'm fine. I'm a person...who LOVES to dance. I have this dance team. We mostly hmong dance but I also love to hiphop, were called Ntxhais Suab cua. In english, its called Girls of the wind. I'm one of the founders. Again, not trying to be conceited...but with out me, we can't get where we are today. I try pushing our 5 girls as far as I can. I'm selfish...I don't want to lose. I have pride in my dance group, but I also know we suck right now. Our rivals haha, are the best in town. And I don't want to loose. The 5 girls I have right now...are my life as well. I love them so much. With out them, this group wouldn't be where we are today as well. It ain't just me. I just do things that help the group. But they all do as well. We are...a group who is carefree. I'm the most slefish person, and so I like to be superirior. I don't want to loose. I suck at fighting...but if its for the people I love, I'd go all the way. I'm the oldest of my group, and my family. Yet I'm stupid, and gullable, so I always act like the youngest. They take care of me, and I take care of them. In my heart, my four eyes, haha, I must take care of them. When they don't have money to pay for their outfits, I'll try to make up every last penny. I burden my mom alot. She's my whole life. Without her I wouldn't make it this far. WHY WOULDN'T I take care of my life? If they're my life, I got to take care of them. My 4 eyes(glasses) watches over them. They back me up, and I back them up. I'm sorry if this paragraph is so long. But I have lots to say about my life so far. It could inspire you guys about something. I'm not a dream girl. I don't look at boys. Although I didn't fall in love deeply until my 8th grade year. My love life is not as important as my friend life. I put my friends first in front of everything, because my friends are my family included. Never can I live without them. Its my life, and my decision. Sometimes, people tell me to do whatever, but I'm not going to do it. I like to spend my life with a happy smile. Alot of it was spent with a upside down smile. I hate my mom. In my life I always blame her. When the truth is, I love her to death. She's my best friend. She keeps my secrets, she makes me feel so comtorable. She encourages me. She gets into my life and makes me feel known. I love her. And she was the one who made me who I am today. No one can help me when my all my hopes are gone. Besides my story. You see, there was this one time...where I actually cut my self because of my dad, and my family. I was thinking how good it felt. I have this so called bestfriend who tells me she cuts herself, and she wants alot of attention. I hate her. I still do. But I need her too. I'm stupid. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? You know, I've been given good skins, and now I ruined it. I won't ever make that mistake again. We all have different views in life, but I hope that people see their life as help for others. We all unite as one. Imma make it to the top. Even if people don't like me, and the way I see life, I understand. But lets stay strong, and keep each other alive. I love life, and I'm glad I met everyone. I'm glad for those who favorite my stories, thank you. If you hate my stories, I understand. I probably do hate ya'll haha, but I'm not. Because I understand that I might not like others stories as well. Please citisize me. Please make me suffer. I deserve to. But I won't make myself feel the suffering liket that. If your hurt, I'll hurt along with you. Everyone needs someone to suffer with them. If you need to message me. I...someitmes feel that way, so I don't want others to feel that way too. I know the way I talk is so cheesy, don't worry it gives me chills too. I'm in this situation where my whole life is going to change because I'm going to a different school, sophmore year is going to feel like a freshmen year. I chose to go, but now I didn't want to go anymore. I'm a burden to my mom. She still wants me to go so I'm going. I'm not going because she told me to go! I'm going so that she'd know that I want her to be happy because I'm happy. I'm going because I want my sister to have a chance in going. I'm going because I want to be a loner! Naw, just kidding. I may have to hide who I am because I don't want to look like the idiot. But...I don't want to hide. I want to go out and be who I can be. No one in that school I know of, acts like me. We may have things in common...but I don't want to hold back. I want to be until then, I'll be that loner. :D I'm proud of it. My nickname is Extra. Because I have extra everything. I have extra fat, eyes, ear pierce, food, hair(thick), rings(i love), and an extra heart. Although...I don't want to say that. I really don't have a heart. Haha! The only times I have a heart is when others are getting abused or they think living is horrible. I'm going to love everything in this world. I don't want to go to hell. Nor do I deserve to go to heaven. So...I'll let God decide where to put me. I don't want to be a hero. I just want to be that person who achieves what I can. I just want to help another. Heroes...isn't me. I'm evil! As me...when I dream, I'ma go to that full extent and extend my life into the best. My beliefs will tell you.

What I like?

I like many unusual things like worms and bugs. I like disecting them. Govermental issues, and conflicts of life is what I like to search up. My beliefs are what I see of things, and I have my own ways.

Beliefs of mine

-I believe that everything is created for a reason and a purpose.

-Life isn't to be wasted

-Above everything the GWC way is the way I go towards. (I'm still trying to find my captain GWC) He could be unreal, but why do we dream? We dream things and remember it for a reason; and so I believe this GWC will be found. May not be in my age...but I believe that this is life. It could bet he next life that I will be able to find him, and everyone. The story EsS-Winged Dimension is a story that I keep dreaming about. It could be thoughts...but in my head I keep seeing, and feeling it. EsS-Winged Dimension will explain most about GWC way.

-I do believe that there is a God that we can't see. Who knows if its really a God, but I believe there is someone leading us to where we are. Someone is always speaking out to us but we can't hear him.

-A big reason why I want to become an author, is that people can read my books and become inspired. Watching One Piece, Naruto, and Fairy Tail all inspire me of some type of life. I want everyone to know that what I dream of, inspires me to live and keep moving. Inspiration is all that we need to keep moving. I want my stories to inspire me like those animated movies tells me to do. Within a story, there is a story to tell. Within a story we have the truth of life. We can't hide from that, but we can face it. As a 15 year old girl, I understand this much; that life isn't to be wasted but to be used in a way of freedom and truth.

-There is something out there in the world that is more dangerous than even hell. I believe that God is trying to prevent that. I believe that there is a big meaning in life. Not just living...but something out there is happening that we don't even know it is.

-NEVER GIVE UP! Life comes back to this. If you have a dream, go for it! If you want to be a princess, GO FOR IT! If you want to be a hero, do it! I, yuuri, am a VERy lazy person. I don't want to do things. The only thing I'm not lazy to do it this. Write.

-I have more beliefs but you'll see if you read my stories


-Number one thing I dislike is the fact that people don't try. THey just give up, and act like they're the center of life. I hate people who thinks they're just the greatest thing that is being made. I dislike people who thinks that if they act this way that they're still going to get something. Of course they're going to get something! They could get killed by acting the way they do. Take my friend for an example. Before that in 8th grade we had this little azn group that holds 3 girls and 5 boys. My friend likes all the boys. Her cousin...she likes. THATS TABOO! Well...there is never a IF. He ain't not ever going to change his last name. So forget about saying, if he wasn't your cousin I'd date him. Never...should you think that. You an say I'm jealous, but It just bugs me that she thinks that if she tells them her life of cutting herself would get their attention. You want that kind of attention then why don't you post up your whole life. THen thats when I understood something. SHe didn't tell me this until 9th grade. But I didnt give a care. When she told me...I didn't get mad at her. I just shook my head. I...I'm not going to stop you. If my words can't stop you, then when I see you do it, I'll cut my self not with a pencil that you do...but with a knife to show you that, I'm not a fake friend. There are people...who dates someone and then don't ever EVER will they ever care to see that your still their friend waiting for you. My best friend...or you can first friend ever, she is so pretty :) She joined this dance group(my rival) and she started dating, and she never thought about me again...until it was too late. We had nothing in common besides our love to dance. I...still love her. Love her to death. :) but it still hurts. Hurts so much everytime someone talks about our friendship and everytime. I can never forget how many time I lost a friend. But...they will never loose me. I'm not going to regret it. Because I still love each and everyone of them. My cousin that I hate so much...I still love her. apart of me still loves her. She's pretty in a way, but she has this attitude that can never change. We were also like best friends, but I distance myself from her. I'm not the type to go look for boys and use them. I'm more of...the innocent type and hell no am I gonna loose my virginity with someone I don't love. I'm friends with people I don't like. But because I'm a loner, I'm this way. Because I'm this way, I have my heart. I don't want to loose that. Because I'm a loner, I see who I am. And because they treat me the way they do, I'm this way. Because I'm stupid, I didn't loose sight of who I am. I want to do all that I can to make sure that my life(friends) gets treated. Even though I'm always getting hurt either physically or mentally, I'm going to get back up and try. I don't know...if I endure the most pain...or if I even mean anything to any of these friends, but I do know this. I'm not going to put their life in front of mine though. Even if they are my life, I'm not going to put them up front. I care for them haha...deeply to where I will jump infront of a bullet for them...but hell no...will I help them with their homework. Lol! I do know...whats good for you, and whats not. Again..I'm the most greedy person! You think I'm going to share? Listen, I like selfish people. I like friends who knows how to take care of themself because they know that their life is my life. We live for each other. Watch each others back. I'm not going to take care of you if your going to cut yourself. Because I have trust in you. I'm not going to leave you alone like you leave me alone. So, you can forget that. I'm going to slap you to get you get back on your feet. But of course I ain't going to help you patch your life together. Because you have your hands and your feet which you can do yourself. I trust them with my life, and until they trust me with theirs, I'm going to watch their backs till the world, universe, whatever dies. I'm going to carry my memories forever. Never will I forget anything. When I get old, the feelings will always be there. So the way I treat them...will never fade. I'm mean, so treat me mean. I'll be ok. If you can't get back up and try, I'll tell you to get back up and try. but I won't help you :) because I know that you have the will. you WILL be able to get back up and try. I have more that I dislike. But my main one will be this.


I hope you get a better point of me. I would like anyone who read this message that I'd actually know...that someone is reading this. If you don't message me...thats fine too. :D

I'd just like to know...who is out there that is a person that is like this as well.

Ntxhais suab Cua(GIrls of the Wind)


Yuuri--for Fanction if you guys want to read my story here -- Thanks to Iksuik

Yoko here! :) Peace, I'm just an editor kinda like for Yuuri. We both live far from each other but I'd like to help her out I guess :)

NOT REALLY! Were both different. I don't like her but she likes me. Well whatever. I hate her. Uhmm...there's alot of different things about me and Yuuri. She hates water, I like water. She hates rasins, I like it. You can say, we both hate each other. I'm just doing this because its what I live for. To ruin her! Just kidding. I just...back her up. Life isn't fair. When you get to understand someone you hate, and when you get to know them, its like part of your life. How can I just stop to not hate her? She's like the other half of me? Well, Im the nice one and she's the cranky one. ;D SHe's weird, I'm cool. I'm popular, she's a nerd. This is life though. I don't have motives like YUuri. I'm more of a girl who hold grudges, but of course I forgive. Not that easily. There's always going to be a part of me that will hate. Like I still do. I have no ambitions just to ruin Yuuri. Just kidding! People say that I live for Yuuri, but HELL no do I live for someone like her! So, if I want to be different, I'ma do something different. If Yuuri's the author, I'm the editor. I'm above her. I'm not going to let her attititude get the best of me. Besides she's a person who is happy the next and not. I pity her, but there's no need to. Anyways, about me?

What I don't like?

I don't like spiders, snakes, and discusting things.

What I like?

I'm a fashion designer. Well I want to be. I'm just 16 years old but I like these things, and I'ma head towards this stuff. Although I'ma still do this just to annoy Yuuri, I'ma do what I like. I understand that Yuuri is that type of girl but, this is also who I am as well. Don't blame me for being me. I don't love the world as much, but what I like to do is what I love. My life isn't all about friends, its about my love for clothes. I love being a girl, and i'm not saying I don't want to be dirty, I just want to be me. I live in MN, ST.Paul, so I really don't know Yuuri alot. I heard about her. But when we met for some times, I clearly showed her that I dislike her. Until an incident where we got lost in the forest which was weird. Because I'm stubborn. We both hate each other for we both are bossy. I dont want to lose as much as Yuuri. I have many down falls, and thanks to Yuuri I'm who I can be today.

I make my decisions. I don't like Yuuri but I'm thankful to what I do because of her. I hate to rely on her but sometimes I do. Alot..haha.

I don't want to be the type of girl who is being hated. I can't except that. So I take things seriously. Usually I'd like to be at the top but sometimes not. I don't have to be, but sometimes I just am. I'm not trying to be conceited, I'm just stating how I feel about things. And towards Yuuri. I don't like going towards life like this, but she knows and feels more than I do. All I can do for her, is help her edit, and make her feel not alone in NC. Who knows why or what, but even though I hate her, I'm going to agree with her on the life lesson part.

Well I'm done bascally. If you want to know more message me! ;)



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