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Quick note...

Hello, friends!

I'll keep this short: If and when I decide to post something here on , it will be a completed fanfic. I'm one of those readers that is upset when authors abandon their fics, and I understand life gets in the way, but I wouldn't want to tease my readers with something potentially good if they may never be able to finish reading it. So, that being said, I'm considering posting some one-shots about various fandoms, as a sort of a warm-up to some longer fics.

I enjoy reading...I used to be able to write, but I have absolutely no confidence in my abilities. I suppose we'll see.


Welcome to my profile!

My profile will be less about me and more about other authors you should check out. I made a dear friend here on , she goes by the username Leanex and writes for a variety of fandoms. Another author, who is very comedic in her writing, is Unicorn of death. She's posted many fanfics about Kingdom Hearts that I absolutely LOVE--they're not only funny, but they're adorable as well.

UPDATE 12/2017:

I MADE ANOTHER FRIEND! She goes by the name Chriss-Meister, she is super awesome, and (surprise?) she writes KINGDOM HEARTS FANFICTION here on . Go check out her stuff!

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