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I'm Acelynn, I have a weird name.
I have skills in writing, but I'm not great with vocabulary.
I'm a role player of Harry Potter. And continued to be a role player of Naruto. Lame right?
Bottom line, Sailor Moon and Pokemon were my first anime as a child.
But when I decided Anime made me happy. I searched online for one of the most popular Anime's.
Which said that Naruto, was the number one Anime.
After Sasuke left, I started taking my time watching Naruto, and Naruto Shippuden.
Yes, I have a crush on Sasuke Uchiha, anime crush.
I then started to watch Death Note seeing that it was second best.
I had a mega crush on Light Yagami, even though he's evil.. Um.
BUT OMG I LOVEEEEEEEE RUYZAKI i spelled that wrong. L. LOL.
While I was searching for Anime's to watch I ran into Inuyasha.
Which I completely love Inuyasha and Miroku. (:

Other than anime, what I said up there, I like Harry Potter, I'm a obsessive fan over it.
As a role player of the Trio, Harry, Ron and Hermione I know their personalities.
I create stories from withen the books, changing the complete book ideas,
and making them into my own, for a new story for readers.

I'm very into reading Sasuke and Sakura things,
one because I fell inlove with them both and how she feels towards him.
Ron and Hermion are cute together.
Inuyasha and Kagome, and NOT. Kikiyo.
So those will be the pairs with couples. If I-


I'm fifteen, just like kagome.
Brown haired, and skinned.
Singing, Acting and Writting
Famous uncle, Adam Beach.
Skills in Acting and singing.
Enjoys being on the computer.
Playing video games.
Writting songs, singing covers.

Those are pretty much the stats about me.

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