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I'm a Girl with Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, OCD (Germ Phobia) and I am 95% sure that I am a Sociopath.

I love Loki, he is the best character ever thought up by Marvel. Deadpool is the second greatest and my favorite Marvel pairing is Tony Stark/Loki.

My Favorite Harry Potter pairing is Tom Marvolo Riddle/Lord Voldemort X Harry (or Harriet) Potter.


I'm also the same writer/user as aspygirlredo but unfortunately someone messed with my account (I strongly suspect that it was that (insert the foulest and most derogatory insult whoever is reading this can think of) reighost) so I lost all my fantastic challenges which is what I'm the most enraged about, so please note that if you accepted one or more of my challenges that no I'm not dead so you may not abandon any of them (see why at the top of my profile, thought that's not much of a threat when I don't know your real name or address and I am lazy, but it's the principal of the thing).

(UPDATE ON THE ACCUSATION AGAINST reighost 28/11/2016) Recently reighost contacted me saying that she didn't mess with my other previous account aspygirlredo however given that that (insert the foulest and most derogatory insult whoever is reading this can think of) reighost has already lied to and tricked/manipulated me as well as bragged on her Live Journal account, I unsurprisingly don't believe her. After all if she has already lied to and tricked/manipulatedme once who is to say she isn't trying to lie and trick/manipulate me again. Also I wasn't trying to steal her story, I was trying to make an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE VERSION of it. She could have instead of lying and tricking/manipulating me, made suggestions to even further make my Challenge different from her Fanfiction Story. Please keep in mind whoever is reading this that as it is things like Fanfiction stories, Fan Art and AMV's are barely legal as it is, in fact over the years several times people have been trying to have laws passed in order to make this kind of stuff illegal. Yet some Authors complain about other Authors who write fanfiction stories that start out the same or very similar as their own fanfiction story but have the intention of taking the story in a completely new and different direction a.k.a an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE VERSION of said complaining Author's Original Fanfiction Story. It could also have been an accident and they didn't realize that someone else wrote and posted a similar fanfiction story/stories, this can especially happen if a fanfiction story/stories hasn't been updated for years. My own case was the first.

My INTENDED PLOT was: After Jiraiya's death and during the new Shinobi War, Naruto is trying to devise a seal to prevent Tobi/Madara from fasing through other Shinobi's attacks. Unknowing while using ink that he had inherited from Jiraiya that it contained Jiraiya's own blood and adding his own Naruto activates the seal that he had made using said ink with two naked female clones helping (as a distraction incase Tobi/Madara or his army showed up as well as to help him make the seal quicker). Only for Naruto and his clones to be thrown through both time and space to an alternate universe in new bodies that are now Jiraiya's biological bastard children. The female clones can't dispel, having become real human beings.

Tsunade and Shizune find the triplets and come to the obvious but slightly incorrect conclusion that the triplets are Jiraiya's bastard children from his playboy ways and bring them to Konoha. The former Naruko clones being now human girls instead of clones have new personalities, one having a personality similar to Sakura Haruno (but without being a weak fangirl bitch) who is dubbed the middle triplet and the other having a personality similar to Hinata Hyuuga (but without the stalking and potentially obsessive behaviors) who is dubbed the youngest triplet due to vulnerability (Naruto, as the Original stays the same personality wise and is dubbed the eldest). Anyway, upon reaching Konoha two of the triplets run for it (Naruto and the middle triplet), but the remaining triplet (the youngest triplet) doesn't manage to escape Tsunade and Shizune.

Deciding that it can't wait the two triplets on the run attempt to reclaim the triplet they left behind within the next few hours, but due to the still internally injured state they are in are recaptured by the adults during the attempt. Tsunade and Shizune are quite frantic due to the internal injuries they found on the triplet that didn't escape them, causing the Third Hokage to send Jounin to capture the two remaining triplets. Now all in the hospital all of the triplets are healed of their internal injuries but kept sedated to prevent them from running off again (or at least attempting it).

Kurama (the Kyuubi) no longer exists inside Naruto (but is still inside this dimension's Kushina Uzumaki) having split into three separate beings with three tails each (you could say that these are the previous dimension's Kurama's children. Similar to how the nine Bijuu were made from the Original sole Bijuu, the Ten Tailed (or is it Ten Eyed) Bijuu) who are not necessarily fox shaped like Kurama. These new Bijuu are sealed into each triplet but don't resent the triplets because they are themselves babies and have known no other life then being inside the triplets (but the three bijuu have a mental connection between themselves that they use to talk to each other being also triplets). However Konoha doesn't realize that Jiraiya's children are triplets (despite a weird rudimentary seal being found on the triplet's stomachs) due to all the current dimensions jinchuriki and bijuu being accounted for.

Kakashi becomes Jounin and on that disasterous mission where Obito gives Kakashi his Sharingan eye, Obito dies before Madara can get his hands on Obito's body. Somewhat disappointed, Madara takes Obito's remaining Sharingan eye and clones Obito's corpse making subpar clones that don't even really look like Obito or are as intelligent. Still judging the subpar clones as not quite good enough for his plans (despite the fact that he keeps them and doesn't destroy them) as the living Orginal Obito Uchiha would have been, Madara waits and waits for another opportunity to get his hands on a living Uchiha Pawn.

Later on Kakashi and Rin will get married, later having kids (with Obito dead, Madara had no reason to setup Rin's demise).

Anyway, Jiraiya is summoned back to Konoha by the Third Hokage and is met by Tsunade by the front gate. Tsunade hits Jiraiya (thought Jiraiya doesn't know why) and knocks him out before dragging his unconscious body to the hospital. Jiraiya regains consciousness at the hospital, only to faint upon the sight of his three children (who are still being kept sedated).

Jiraiya and Tsunade raise the triplets (not Minato and/or Kushina), which forces them to stay in close quarters. Jiraiya eventually manages to wear down Tsunade's resistance and they start dating. Later they get married and have more children together.

Meanwhile Minato and Kushina have a daughter instead of a son on October the twelfth (in the year that the Kyuubi attack happened in the Naruto's Original Dimension/Universe) with pale skin, straight blonde hair, whisker marks and grey eyes. They don't have a son till a few years later, the son having spikey red hair, tan skin, whisker marks and mismatched eyes (one blue and the other grey) but there is still no Kyuubi attack. In fact, the Kyuubi isn't released from Kushina till the birth of her third and fourth children (with Minato still being the father).

The Uzumaki twins that were born less than half an hour before the Kyuubi attack are a boy and a girl, both having Uzumaki red hair (at least that is what I was planning, thought I might have taken suggestions for the appearance of the female twin). The boy who is the eldest of the twins has straight red hair, pale skin, whisker marks and purple eyes. The girl having spikey red hair, tan skin, no whisker marks and blue eyes. The boy twin is used for the sealing, with half of Kurama being sealed inside of the newborn baby boy and the other half being inside of Minato, who dies and takes his half of the Kyuubi with him to the inside of the Death God's stomach.

Kushina lives thanks to Jiraiya and the triplets efforts (Tsunade was pregnant so she couldn't of helped), and recinds her husband's dieing request that their youngest son be hailed a hero. With no one living outside of Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kushina, the Third Hokage and the triplets knowing about Kushina and Minato's youngest son being a Jinchuriki, the boy is not the Village pariah and scapegoat. This also has the effect that Madara's Uchiha pawn doesn't know who is 0the Kyuubi's Jinchuriki, thought he highly suspects either one of Minato and Kushina's children or one of the triplets.

This has the unfortunate consequences that the youngest triplet is captured by the Akatsuki and has her baby Bijuu extracted, with the Akatsuki believing that it is actually the Kyuubi no Kitsune that they extracted. Thought the triplet survives, the Akatsuki keeps her hostage with Madara's Uchiha pawn having the intention of either blackmailing her fiancée into joining or just preventing him from going against them (as well as preventing the current Hokage from doing anything). Considering her fiancée is Itachi Uchiha and the current (and Fifth) Hokage is Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze, things don't go to plan (and that's not even mentioning the other two triplets).

The next Major Shinobi War still happens, but due to the triplets having successfully completed the seal that would have stopped Obito from phasing though the attacks of other Shinobi in their Original Dimension/Universe (had the accident not happened and they were sent to an Alternate Dimension/Universe in bodies whose genetic make up was half of Jiraiya's DNA). This causes Madara's Uchiha Pawn to get desperate when he actually has to dodge attacks from his enemies or get hit, to team up with Orochimaru and Kabuto to resurrect Madara Uchiha earlier.

Things come to head sooner and the War ends sooner with the Sage of the Six Path's evil megalomaniac mother, Zetsu, Madara Uchiha and Madara's Uchiha pawn defeated and killed much quicker. Madara's Uchiha pawn doesn't turn on Madara (having joined Madara in greed for more power), meaning that after the Rabbit Goddess and Zetsu are defeated and killled that the Uzumaki-Namikaze family, the white haired triplets, Jiraiya, Tsunade and the Shinobi Alliance have to then defeat Madara and his Uchiha pawn as well.

See. It was supposed to end up a Completely Different Story, and it would have if reighost hadn't lied to and tricked/manipulated me. Now some people might say that I didn't say that and I say to that that they don't know what Aspergers Syndrome is, in short I didn't quite know how to communicate that when I posted my Challenge. For me having Aspergers Syndrome feels like I am stuck in my own head, I don't really know how to communicate/socialize with other people on top of being unable to tell what people are feeling or generally thinking by looking at their face/faces. Once when I was out shopping at the local Mall with my Support Worker I was looking at this man who was wearing a hoody and had a scar, and when he came up to me saying "What are you looking at!" (or something similar, I can't quite remember since this was few years ago) I thought he was flirting with me (my Support Worker later said he wasn't when I voiced this to her, and was actually angry at me for looking at him because of the scar on his face (I was actually looking at him because of the hoody and wasn't even paying attention to his scar, because of the delinquents and petty unprofessional criminals wear hoodies stereotype)). Hence why I issued a Challenge as well as the fact that I was going to write the story (thought admittedly very poorly and it would have continued to be a disasterous struggle) which would have communicated that.

I very, very, very much doubt I'll get around to writing the ALTERNATE UNIVERSE VERSION of reighost's story: Konoha's White Streak (or whatever it was called), in Fact there is LESS then 00.05% CHANCE I'll EVER BOTHER WRITING my ALTERNATE UNIVERSE VERSION: Konoha's Three White Streaks, again. EVEN IF I DID I WOULDN'T POST IT ONLINE (If I EVEN POST it AT ALL, since I PERSONALLY DO NOT BELIEVE IN POSTING a Fanfiction Story UNLESS I have ALREADY WRITTEN 5-10 CHAPTERS at LEAST) on such a PUBLIC WEBSITE LIKE this one, but PERHAPS on FACEBOOK or TWITTER for FAMILY and FRIENDS ONLY, NOT the GENERAL PUBLIC.

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