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X-men The Movie/Harry Potter Challenge

We all know how Harry Potter survived the killing curse the first time but what if that is wrong. The truth is harry is the descendent of Sebastian Shaw on his mother’s side and the combination of her and James’ genes he inherited the same x-gene that was activated by the killing curse which harry absorbed and sent it back at Voldemort and gaining all his magical talents such as being a parsalmouth, him being so young it still left a mark. After words after being left on the door step he is picked up by the X-men afterward as he was found by Charles using Cerebro. He is raised by them and is loved.


-No slash

-Have him fall for one of the new generation (Rouge, Kitty, Scarlet Witch, ect.)

-Use the Sebastian Shaw from the movie so he can’t try to calm any rights to Harry

-Please no bashing if you can help it


-Give him the same power as Rouge also so they can cancel out each other if they touch

-Have another mutant at Hogwarts (Scarlet witch for an example)

-Have Charles Xavier remove the Horcrux from Harry using his power

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