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you can call me Gin. i'm a girl and i tend to be a deticated, hardcore kind of fan, besides someone went out of their way to make this stuff, i consider it a duty to them to enjoy it as much as much as possible, you know? i tend to prefer whatever season i see first in regards to stuff like digimon, pokemon, and that stuff. i love parings and my favorite ganra is comedy/adventure.

some of my favorite (not in order) are:

-Unchained Blades (Tiana/Fang)

-god eater

-the tales seires (vespiria, eternia, and bersieria are my favorits so far, however they're spelled)

-one piece (Luffy and Zoro are super funny, and Nami's my favrit charicter, I HATE Sanji!)

-everything Slayers (GO Lina!)

-zombie loen (chicaXmichiru)

-sorcerer stabber orphen (Orphen/Cleo)

-Knight fantastic night (Arthur and Lin Ling are one of the cutest couples I've ever seen, or at least they would be if they a could just get together already)

-Trance knights (if only they continued it)

-my world my way




-wizards of waverly place (alex is cool)


-Nabi (love Ryo-Sang/Myo-Un)

-wild wing (a one shot i fell in love with, if anone plans to wright a fic for it please be sure to tell me, i'd love to read it if it's miyaiXraiya or whatever XD (just so long as it's not lemon or mature)) (if you don't know it's a 3 chapter one shot, if you like comedy, action, romance, and interesting characters I recommend taking a look at it)

-Hidan no Aria

-AR TONELICO - ARPEGGIO (the ending could be better though)

-The Naturals

-fairy tail (lucy/natsu)

-Raven Boys

-a witch's tale (liddell rocks)

-blue dragan (shuXcluk)

-ginga nagareboshi gin (not weed, I hate weed, WEED IS A INSALT TO GIN, sorry about that, couldn't help myself -_-o, but i love the one with Riki)

-digimon [TKxKari, izzyXmimi or joeXmimi but mostly izzyXmimi, a bit kenXyoli (don't know how to spell that), and a little taiXsora] (mostly jest adventure and frontier, i hate tamers, with the exception of Rika, and, even more so, Dats)

-D gray man (But I'm Sooooo confused @.@)

-pandora harts (but i curently hate Jack)

-every thing from .hack (with the exeption of Hoseo, that guys a idiot, I also don't like a lot of other stuff about GU, exsept Hoseo-X-Ataly, even though in .hack//Roots i suported Hoseo-X-Tabby)

-black cat (both anime and manga, Train is so awesome, Eve rocks, but Sven is old and ugly, he needs to shave)

-Amazing Agent Luna

-FMA (call me weird but I prefer the first season to brotherhood)

-Maximum Ride (the manga version) (Max/Fang! Max/Fang! Max/Fang!!! Eeks!! they're Ssooo Cute!! XD)

-Witch and Wizard

-Saiyuki (Goku is so adorable!)

-spiral (i like the mystery and the main charicter is cute)

-Jing the king of bandits (he's ssooo cool!)

-pokemon (i'm sort of a die hard mistyXash mayXdrew supporter, they've gone down hill though...)


-scrapped princess

-wolf's rain (; _ ;)

-ghost stores (it's an anime, I'm getting fed up with people posting actual ghost stories they made up there)

-Code Lyoko

-ghost hunt

-iCarly (sam is awesome)

-Mugan spiral (it's something like that... Anyway, love it, wish it continued)

-victoryus (Tori/Andrey(not sure how it's spelled))


-unnatral history (i just like the mystery)

-tower prep

-Million Tears

-Dimind Dust (but for the most part the ending sucked)

-the life and times of Junniper Lee

-Ben 10 (I'm a fan of gwen, 10 year old version of corse)

-soul eater (i'm a big soulXmaka fan)

-Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy (I always admired Mandy)

-pani poni dash (LOL)

-Rasetsu no hana

-a tackle on my life

-Martin Mystery (I'm a fan of Diana, I want another season)

-angel diary

-Beyblade (the ones with the blade brakers, none of that new trash)

-rave master

-Megas XLR (i like kiva alot, she's awsome)

-Naruto (the younger one)

-Di-gata defenders (I think Mel is cool)

-black butler (i almost feel a littel bad for Savation)

-Inuyasha (but not kikio, i'm sick of her atitude)

...and I can't remember the rest (there's alot -_-U).

Ah, but one piece and slayers are at the top of the pecking order though ;)

I just want to make it clear that I, myself, do not like AUs, the only reason my 'one piece ghost style' fan fic is a AU is because non of the one piece characters fit the roll, I prommis I'll try my best to not use that charictor any more then I have to. it really is jest to help get the information across.

p.s. i'm bad at spelling, incase you havent figured that out yet.

I just finished reading the final chapter of zombie loan, like right after it came out (i know cause i checked like everyday), it was WAY! unexpected, one minute i'm like in agony thinking 'NO! don't end it like this, it's too sad!' the next thing i know i'm stunned (i swear i felt like a anime character sweat dropping) thinking 'ARE YOU SEARIES!' (O_O chin dropped and all), talk about a WTF kind of moment, so any way, as i finished the chapter in my head i promised myself 'if they don't come out with a sequel, so help me, I Will!', so any way, i'm gonna try that, but i'm not sure how good it will be so i kind of hope someone else also trys out the idea, jest in case, you know? for now i'll call it 'project: Z-loan season 2!'

but my first atemt was lost so it's taking a wile to redo, sorry

-here is something i wrote on a whim:

To be True to Life

the darkness, that lurks in the shadows of the light,

seeks to swallow us whole,

the ones who secretly combat this darkness,

under the illusion of the night,

they show themselfs in the form of passing rumors,

recited only in shadowed whispers,

no one knows they're there, but that matters not,

they exist not as heros or legends,

but as common, shadowy, stray figures, basked in suspicion,

living life their own way,


they are like intangible forms of light showed in fog,

one, who knows this, can not help but look upon them with deep admiration,

for they live true to themselfs,

in the chasing of a eternal dream...

-probably kinda wierd sounding, huh? /\ _ /\U

scariest thing i ever saw in an anima (at least in a sense): either the pacifist, humanitarian Lena Inverse, or the army of Naga clones... (i can somehow see that keeping someone up at night way more than stuff like monsters, or zombies; if you get my drift... /\ /\U)

ps. if anyone reading this just so happens to know if any fics for unchained blades exists PLEASE tell me! i'm begging you!

if your waiting on my stories, sorry it's taking so long i'm not much of a writer and i'm kind of a slacker not to mention i'm really swamped with homework and school and stuff currently, I also take a wile to do things in general too... I promise to work on it though I have no idea how long it will take since it's me... I haven't really been getting onto the site that much either, sorry about that

q(O_O)P n

O( )( )OU

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Lesser knowns

always watching, but never known,

always there, but never counted,

never hidden, but never seen,

always prepared, but never ready,

always accepting, but never expecting,

much to say, but never said,

always noticed, but never acknowledged.

life continues,

though unseen,

known but not,

what do you know?

-(wrote another weird one, just cause I felt like it)

Also if possible please help report abuse in the "a witch's tale" category under games, I can't tell you how devestated I was when my phone happened to translate some of the other languages and I found out they were all spam, every single one not in English is spam, it's horrible, there's almost 2 to 3 pages worth of them... :(

Stuff I don't like:

-Dragon Ball (sorry to fans of it but to me it's still Sailor Moon for guys, I mean they float, shout, glow, have exaggerated muscles, they're mishapen, sweat, and ram into each other throwing sissy punchess that go boom, pluse it's gross and overall just comes off as lame, I can't really explain it well, but to me they bear smaller resemblance to Cody and Helmepo from one piece back when garp took them in, not really, but it's that kind of feeling, and I don't mean pity, or anything even remotely positive even in some back words way)

-Code geaos (can't spell it and won't learn how to, too much complicated drama, I can't even think about it with out getting upset with all of it)

So, I totally went and got myself stuck in "The Code That Trancends", still no ideas on how I'm going to get myself out of thst one yet, but I've got some new ideas on how to rework some of the ideas. right now I have a new frontier fic in the works, this time a crossover with digimon world DS, as well as one more idea I more resontly came up with that's going to be just frontier. The digimon world DS crossover won't directly conect to the game exactly, I made some OC's to serve as the player's children, leaving the player's gender unspecified. there are 2 of them but beacause frontier already has way more boys then girls, both will be girls. They'll be twins for various reasons, has nothing to do with koji and koichi, I actually only relized later that the season of digimon I had picked for the fic actually already had it's own pair of twins. That one's going to lossly have a lot to do with the royal knights, where as the other one will be about the demon lords.

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