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hi im ... im ... well i like to consider myself my characters (the main ones i make up) and that involves me having quite a few names so you can call me...

Poppy (Moore)

Butterfly (Shines)

Destiny (Wishes)

Raven,Racheal. (all one person, its my film, its confuzing)

Poppy (Timesly)

Nila (queen of the water nymphs)

Eve (kinda me and a friends charector(its complicated))

D (first stitchpunk i made up)

13 (my main stitchpunk now)

Scarlet (my stitchpunk who has AMAZING MAGICAL POWERS!!! she's epic!)

Ix!!! (my cutest stitchpunk! who has a twin called Tw [with the soul fragment of worldwidegirl-16] together they make the TwIxs!!!)

i think thats it (i'll change it if its not) now on with the show!

I am: weird, day dreamy, the ultimate optamist, a person who likes and enjoys school, not exspected to act normally, a big dreamer, a magic seeker, a hopeful artist, a script writer, kinda rubbish at writing in 3rd and 1st person (never really tried 2nd, well theres a first time for everything), nearly stopped while in thought mode, a person with amazing friends, loyal, true, imaginative, easily obbsessed with fictional stuff, a person who says "chiz" not "shizz", a seddie, a lover of the colour orange, a music addict, a butterfly and frog lover(!), a LOTR-mite, rubbish at learning langueges, a devoted reader, an internet safe teenager (according to my mum), all round friend, awesome youtuber and very easily impressed and amused!!!


i love comiedians (any one else?) and i like to ramble so be prepared (although not like there's much point in warning you here hardly any one i know actually reads profile thingys but hay ho what ya gunna do?) i rarely put full stops in these sort of things because there odd and just kinda stop the sentence from continueing, i mean, how rude! (lol joke)! i have no idea what my favourite disney film is, maybe its alladin or the hunchback of notra dame, but i do know my least favourite tis ponocio (see hate it so much i can't spell it through my rage! lol)! umumumum i don't have a favourite song coz it changes too offten, my favourite book is dream merchant by isabel hoving, my favourite book siries is the "wild" books by aprilynne pike (epic name)! my favourite film series is lord of the rings, my favourite film is 9 (i hope that doesn't change as quickly as my previous fav films). i love the film coraline oh oh oh i love love love faerie tales and i adore celtic faerie tales even more!!! i love the irish, i thing scottish people are amazing and i wish i lived in ireland coz i pick up accents really easily(ireland rules!) !!!

Frankie Boyle: (shakes gient bunch of keys) look at the shiney shiney!

me: stop trying to distract the world!

Favourites charectors:

9- 6 because i love the little seer, he's stripy, 6 = 4+2 and 42 is my favourite number, he has a key around his neck, he has awesome pen nib fingers! so yeah

Coraline- Coraline- she's awesome and i want her hair! Mr Bobinski- i love his accent and he's got a moustache!

Galactik Footbal: Ahito- he's really cute (exspecially when he's asleep, which is the magority of the time) Bennet- he's the coolest pirate in the galexy! and he has a top hat!

Doctor Who- The doctor- exspecially the Matt Smith one he's awesome and jumpy! Rory- he's wimpy and protective and strong at the same time

Mighty Boosh- Vince, We Are The SunShine People!!! and Naboo he amuses me

Charmed- Chris he's sooooooooooooooooo awesome

Lord of The Rings- Pippin, He's My Fool of A Took!!!

The Nightmare Before Christmas- Jack, because he's foolish and is just awesome!

Triskellion- Gabriel- he's an alien and he's so sweet and cryptic!

Wings, Spells, Wild- Tamani, I wish i knew a faerie that sweet!

The Jabberwock Poem- the borogroves, to quote 6 in PotterPhantomKittens 9 fan fic the jaberwock of madness "they're good i can tell" and who doesn't like living mop birds!

Disney Epic Mickey- Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!!!! he's sooooooo awesome!!!

De Blob- Blob, because he can be orange!

Wizards of Waverly Place- Max, He's so cute and random! Mason- he's played by Gregg Sulkin and he's really sweet and he's brittish! Alex- she's Selena Gomez and really funny!

Aladdin- The Genie! he's so awesome and funny!

The Hunchback Of Notra Dame- Clopin, He's so awesome!

Harry Potter- Ron! he's epicly Ron! Fred and George! they're twins, pranksters and Weaslys!

If i think of more i shall post them...

Favourite Quotes (inclueding FanFic):


-the source... the source ... go back to The Sorce (6)

-sub- what? (8)

-sometimes fear is the appropriate responce (1)

-sound ... sound ... Sound! (6)

- your just like him, you forget to remember to be scared (5)

-hm, you owe me a cape (1)

-2! ... 5 helped me fly! (6 in piggyback by DPRRluv13MM)

-they're good i can tell (6 on the Borogroves in the jabberwock of madness by PotterPhantomKitten)


-The closer we are to danger the further we are from harm, its the last thing he'll exspect (Pippin)

-the great eye (makes a circle with thumb and first finger) (boromir (AKA the pin cushion))

-the salted pork is perticulally good (pippin)

-tree, i am no no tree, i am an ent (treebeard)

-side i am on nobodies side because no body is on my side (treebeard)

-*gasp* fat hobbit sees smeagol up before himself and thinks smeagol is sneeking...(makes a big deal out of it)

okay im sorry, but what were you doing?

sneaking... (gollum, sam, gollum)

-i have an idea that just might work (gandalf in how lord of the rings should have ended by heshe productions)

-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauron, hey sauron!

i see you

you suck! (aragorn, sauron, aragorn in how lord of the rings should have ended by heshe productions)

-well that was incredibly easy

yeah imagin what it would have been like if we had walked the entire way!

(group talking along the lines of: oh my god and don't even think about it)

eye one of us might'a died (frodo, aragorn, pippin in how lord of the rings should have ended by heshe productions)

-the ring must be taken deep into mordor and cast back into the firery chasm from whence it came one of you must do this (elrond)

-l'anneau doit être pris en profondeur dans le Mordor et rejetés dans le gouffre firery d'où elle provient de vous doit faire ... parlez-vous francie? no oh sorry. the ring must be taken deep into mordor and cast back into the firery chasm from whence it came one of you must do this. (elrond(me) in me and my mates play-doh spoof of lord of the rings)

-Gandalf: the great eye sauron the desiever

Pippin: it looks like a light house!

Gandalf:its not a light house its the most powerful evil in middle earth! now we need a distraction so frodo and the ring can-

Merry: what about sam?

Gandalf: fine frodo, sam and the ring can get to mount doom

Aragorn: i have an idea that just might work

Gandalf: hey thats my youtube spoof quote

Aragorn: well its my line now

Gandalf: if you think you can just take my quote then-

Legolas: anyway! your distraction?

Aragorn: oh yeah watch this ... saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauron hey hey sauron!

Sauron: i see you

Aragorn: (covers one eye) stareing contest

(frodo puts the ring in the fire and sauron falls over and dies)

Aragorn:oh yeah i win! take that you stupid lollipop! the un-blinking great eye just got beat by me aragorn the king of f*cking gondor baby! yeah!

(me as gandalf and pippin and others in me and my mate play-doh spoof of the lord of the rings)

Defined and friends:

-Dan H: (throws a sponge ball at your head) god!

-Me+Mer: (sneak up on both sides of some one useually Dan) Click!

-Mer: who wants to dance embarassingly bad with me?

-Dan: me and Dan are going to introduce you a little into our religion and don't think its like we're just gunna sneak up on you (slowly walks up to nearest person) and go (touches head with sponge ball) GOD!

-Guy: (staring at my bulging 9/Jabberwocky folder) how can you be that obsessed with something!?!

-me and/or Mer: est sto fler benanner you no you'd think after 13 years of exsisting we'd know how to talk by now!

-me: you know ... (random thinky pause)... nearly called izzy coraline then, izzy's over there

-me+mer: Click!

me and/or mer: i close my eyes and dream of a sunny holiday...

Ix: *points at you* Been Ix-ed!!!

Beth: Gale is a fail who i stabbed with a nail...

Izzy: Peeta is sweeta! (which i don't agree with)

(there will be many more on this perticular subject to add in)

ALSO !!!! the story The Paradox is owned by Dr.12-in-boots !!! NOT ME!!! i posted it for him before he got an account! check his stuff out because he is a brilliant writer who is improving with every chaptor he writes!!! ROCK ON 12 !!!

AND i appoligize to those who are waiting for me to update various stories!!! but i am one of those writers who writes tonnes of stories at once! and i CAN'T HELP IT SO DON'T SHOOT ME!!! i will HONESTLY try as HARD as i can to update!!! i write to please! not only you lovely reader who i love so much but my self! who doesn't love it when a story goes as you wanted it to!!!

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