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You know I have other accounts too.

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Anything on Hiatus is on temporary hiatus. Nothing has been abandoned. No stories will be abandoned. I don't do that. If for some strange reason I do abandon a story. It will be deleted from the site. Or I might post an A/N asking if anyone would be willing to take over the story.

Name: October

Age: 712253943278

Omegle Adventures


"10, Male, Pallet Town"


"9000, Male,Galifrey"


"712253943278, Female, out of your league"


"Irrelevant. Let's talk about psychics"

You've been connected to a random stranger, say hi!

"I'm gonna be a pokemon master!"

stranger has disconnected

Height: Let me answer that with a quote from 'My Life as a Teenage Robot':

You're ten inches tall?

Ten, and a half!

(Update: I'm technically average, but I slouch, so people think I'm short)

Favorite Person: Sherlock Holmes (I know he isn't real, SHUT UP!!!)

Favorite Manga: Skip beat (If you haven't noticed from my fanfics)

Favorite Anime: Princess Tutu (I don't have a snide comment for this one :P)

Top 5 Favorite Anime Couples:

KyokoXTsuruga-san (Skip Beat)

Yashiro-sanXMoko-san (Skip Beat)

BossXJelly (Skip beat)

FakirXDuck (Princess Tutu)

OfficerSatouXTakagi (Detective Conan)

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