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"Crazy has its toll on the maddest man on Earth, for he who wrecks his mind with nonsense builds a world of creation beyond what one could erect."

"One cannot perceive such greatness for your mind is weak with sense while mine is filled with none."

-Stupid shit I made up a long time ago and thought was cool.

Hey! I deleted most of my stories. If anyone wants them, lemme know, or else they will be kept privately in a dusty folder.

I'm Ashley and I'm 23 years of age.

Writing is my muse. I ran into fan fiction and got obsessed and decided to write a few myself.

I must confess, I find it hard to be... eloquent and place words in an order to create a good sentence and place those sentences in good paragraphs to create a story. I don't know. Sometimes it's all so overwhelming and confusing. I need help. Maybe an adult.

"Sometimes I tend to ask myself after reviewing one of my chapters, 'Was I high when I wrote this?' Then I ponder for a moment, 'Oh, that's right! I was high off coffee.'" -me, back in like 2011

Diagnosed with ASD. Perhaps that may feed inspiration. Ha, not really. But that might be where my long rambling and the need to fill every detail for every scene might come from.

Also have a thing for middle-aged women. Why?


- Scarlet: Princess Emma had always believed the Evil Queen to be a tale, but then finds herself kidnapped by this legend. Regina just wants to break the princess to get her revenge, but what happens when she succeeds? And how will they deal with the consequences of their actions? /SwanQueen/AU/Enchanted Forest/Rated M/In This Moment-Scarlet

Status: Complete

Last Updated: 10.04.2017, chapter 1, 17, & 20

-Teacher's Pet: The Sequel: It is as the titles says. This is a sequel to my previous story, "Teacher's Pet." One-shots. Rated M. Student/Teacher AU.

Status: I am progressively working on this when inspiration hits.

Last Updated: 11.27.2018 Chapter 17

-Teacher's Pet: Revamp: Emma Swan is entering her senior year of high school in hopes to get perfect grades for a promised Bug, but is faced with a teacher dubbed The Evil Queen. What will she do? /As the title goes, this will be a revamped/revised version of Teacher's Pet. I am uploading this as per request./ SQ. Implied RB. Student/Teacher AU. Rated M.

Status: I am slowly hating this story even though I poured everything into it and loved it. Unfortunately, I never executed much well.

Last Updated: 4/05/2017, completed..?

*Also have some weird alternate ending to TP if anyone is interested.

*I update generally when I am in the mood to write. I have no schedule.

You can find my Tumblr here (x). I usually post when I have updated a chapter.

My AO3 here (x) I've only transferred two stories over and they are my Swan Queen fics.

I have also made a Wattpad (and to be frank, I don't very much like it) (x). You can find Teacher's Pet (Revamp) and The Sequel here as well as Scarlet.

(The links don't appear to work. My username is the same on each site.)

My pen name is derived from two things:

Regal: Kinda Evil Regal/based off Regina Mills from OUaT

Chromaggia: A song that Sarah Brightman/Blind Mag sang from Repo! The Genetic Opera.

My Current Ships

Swan Queen (Regina/Emma from Once Upon a Time)

Madam Spellman (Zelda Spellman and Madam Satan from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)*

Stale Ships (that I don't really care too much for anymore, but are still kinda there)

Destiel (Dean/Castiel from Supernatural)

Maguigi (Mag/Luigi from Repo! The Genetic Opera)

Joria (Joy/Victoria from Hot in Cleveland)

I try not to ship because it ruins things for me, but somehow, these wormed their way into my heart

* might as well kill me at this point for gaining another OTP.

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