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Hi, my name is Sara, and I like long walks on the beach!

(Actually not really. There are no beaches in Canada, just igloos, and I picked the name because I feel very generic and not all that special really.)

A lot of the time I still chicken out of posting fic because I'm kind of a big weenie about it. If you leave a comment or review, I can't thank you enough; you are helping this scaredy cat slowly become less scared.

Some things about me: my favourite colour is green. I can't decide whether I'm a dog person or a cat person. I don't write happily-ever-after endings often or well, often in favour of a more realistic but slightly bittersweet ending. I am possibly a little too in love with Chekhov's gun. Hetalia has eaten my brain at the moment. My favourite kitchen implement is the spatula; I think I must have like twelve. My least favourite chore is laundry. I love dance and visual art and have a total lack of ability in either area. I think Tali from Mass Effect is the sexiest ever. I think hips on ladies are the sexiest ever. Science fiction is amazing. I go to the orchestra more regularly than I should for someone who's not sixty. I can knit.

It's probably pretty obvious that I'm a huge dork!! You are probably cooler than I am.

I have a tumblr at here, where I don't do very much in the way of interesting things except reblog stuff that is mildly interesting (and possibly only to me). Come say hi and derp with me :)

Fic is also posted at ao3 under kanadka. I highly recommend the ao3 version of all my fics, but especially Mir Image.

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