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I'm practically fresh meat, I have loads of HW/ project to do so it will take me a long time to write either a short or long stories, so if your one of those impatient people that can't wait then go look for another author that can upload or publish a story faster. (I needed Loyal and good readers not someone who flames other peoples work because... well IDK )

Name: Hakkuro but my buddies calls me Chibi ('cause I'm a short person, but I'm not offended), Kyon Kyon, Hana-chan, Botchan/chama (b'cause of Ciel)
Age: guess... you'll find it some where in this profile.
B-DAY!: July 26
Family: That information is labled as classified
Fav Color: Crimson RED (truthfuly any kind of shades of red, except PINK they r not mi favorate at all!!!)
Fav season: Summer
Fav Sports:Football, Tea Kwon Do (any martial arts), and soccer, Kendo, and Kyudo(Japanes archery). (I play football and Tea kwon do but I really suck at soccer)
Zodiac: Leo & Tiger (Go big cats)
From:(moved) California, USA
Born: Asia (Philippines) but I look like a Korean/Japanese mix with a golden tan skin...?
Hobbie: writing, Drawing/sketching (ultimate obsession drawing anime/manga), read Anime/Manga, History books (im a geek/ otaku), Music (I don't really care what language it is,I just listen to any good music), and sing (yes I sing)
Fav subj: History, art, music, and theater
Music: Eurovison and other european music, asian music, american music, etc... etc...

"I seriosly do not know why I'm telling you all this"

WARNING: since I'm only '15' and that I suck at some parts of L.A. then most of my stories may suck (in my point of view that is)
Disclaimer: I do not own any things that involves anyone elses anime/manga other than my fanfics and Pure Black Characters or my OC's

You could say im an Otaku, I love anime/manga but I don't look like one though LOL.

Favorate(s): APH, DC, KHR, ES 21, Naruto, HxH, Xxxholic, Inazuma 11, GINTAMA"king of anime parodies I swear!!"... lots more (ain't gonna write all of them to lazy
((_ _))..ZZZ)
Currently watchin
: HxH, D.C, Hetalia (waiting for season 5 can't wait XD)
Currently reading: Naruto, KHR, skip beat, Hetalia, Fairy Tail, etc... (see told ya I luv jap cartoon/comics)
Fav Parings (straight): Kyoko & Ren!!
Fav Parings (Yaoi):Veniziano & Ludwig(my friend persuade *cough,forced,cough* me to watch APH doujinshi w/out knowing what it was about at first it was okay nothing really happened until Ludwig kissed Feliciano, that was the part that made me feel like a piece of me DIED it killed me- but now I'm Cool with the kisses and hugs and thats it shounen ai is alright for me -;)yaoi pairings are cute but... I AM NOT A YAOI FAN GIRL(I skip so many parts in that video my friend showed me in youtube, she got mad after that and made me lose my innocenses)... if you know what I mean...)

"Again I seriously don't know why i'm telling you this"

age has nothing to do with watching it right?

Favorate(s):extravagant challenge (A.K.A Skip beat/ taiwanese), Hana Kimi (jap and K- version), You are Beautiful (jap & K- version)

Currently Watching: My Fair Lady

LANGUAGES (you might see)

Japanes;I'm only learning so I'm not very fluent at it though I might understand a bit
English; Of course! As you can see I'm fluent at it (sarcasm)
Italian; like Japanese I'm only learning but I can speak it better
German; barely learning this languge
Visaya (filipino language Cebuano base); Also fluent at this language, but I'll be using this less on my stories unless it involve Piri-chan in it... cazzo she speaks Tagalog though... I'll make it work.

Pure Black ongoing (rewriting for now cuz it sucked.)
It's called Pure Black new version (yeah I know really original, but I only did it because I want people to know I did the new version of the story. wait that's not the right answer, It's because I have Originality!)
I'm very sorry for those who read my story that they keep changing really sorry I'm not a very good author so I deeply apologize!!!
(oh wow now I realized why my friends call me a very apologetic person ... is that a good thing... and now i realize how they can relate me to Japan from hetalia?)
"If anyone actually read this far got to say I'm amazed, I mean anyone reading someone elses profile is boring especially if you are reading all this really."
Anyway Mille Grazie and MATA AIMASYOU!! traslation (Italian-Thank you very much, Japanese-see you next time)

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