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Folks, I didn't even know that I HAD a 'profile', much less that people were 'clicking'! Therefore, in order for you not to be too disappointed, I am creating this blurb for your amusement.

I am a Mommy, and unfortunately, old enough to be YOUR Mom, so I usually get to treat you all like the Professor treats Hank, Alex, Sean and Raven. *virtual chocolate chip cookies are always on hand, have some*

I am from the United States and I live in New Jersey, so I am in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

I am a huge Tolkien fan, and I really love the movies too, but I did not/do not 'ship' anyone outside of canon in that world. (DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON GIMLI/LEGOLAS &/OR FRODO/SAM!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!)

In fact, I am still new enough to 'shipping' that I continue to find myself lost and bewildered amongst the abbreviations and acronyms that abound around here.

Futher, in the spirit of absolute honestly and disclaimers, I am still so ship-adverse, I refuse to believe in Kirk/Spock!

BUT, despite my 'they're just best friends!' and 'just because you love someone doesn't mean you have to have sex with them' perennial worldview, Charles and Erik, as played by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, shot that to heck in a handbasket. Their love is so obvious, the only question is did they give in or not? And the answer is: really, it's none of our business. PERIOD. However, they are so amazing together, you can't help but wish that they had a night at least, a la Romeo and Juliet. Everything in me wants to 'fix it' and give them a happy ending somewhere along the line. And since I can go on and on, I'd best stop here, before my rant really takes off and you all question my sanity.

I have not yet written anything about this 'verse (although I have written a few things in my prior life as a Ringer at my other favorite website, , (tell 'em Missy sent ya) and I may repost them somewhere in fanfic, (just to see if people who aren't my friends like my writing too), but I am getting to the point that I will have to write something and add my two cents to the kitty.

Meanwhile, thank you for reading.

Love Missy

PS - Updated 12-15-11. Since I cannot see what you all see, I have no idea if FFN automatically updates at counts your stories or not, so I hereby state that I have written 1 story (a work in progress) for X-Men-The Movies.

PPS - Updated 3-30-16. I have an account on AO3 as MissyTheLeast and am in the process of re-posting FFN stories there, and visa versa.

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