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Another long, long absence, another home profile update. Seriously, it looked like I had verbal vomit syndrome all over my screen. So I'm changing this around a bit.

First off, I'm Dragon Scales 13 (DS13), a would-be-writer of the melodramatic variety, though I tend to veer into humor sometimes. I have been writing for years, though most of my writings never touch my keyboard, partly because of time constraints and partly because I'm a lazy snot. :) I also am rather notorious for getting started on a great fanfiction idea and then abandoning it to the dogs halfway through while I pursue something else. As such, my better works are the one-shots. I've also deleted some of my older stories (some of which I'm ashamed of, others that would likely get me in trouble for formatting, and others that just should have never existed), so the remaining ones are safe for consumption (though not by any means my best).

Stories I'm Reading:

Black Company by Glen Cook. It's a great story, and one well worth your time!

Mass Effect Series by Drew Karpyshyn. Also a great series. I was worried this would turn out like the Elder Scroll's "Infernal City", but its very good. :)

Feed by Mira Grant. Really, really good if you can stomach the monotony of the first few chapters. It's really just Mira setting the stage for when things go horribly wrong. One of the best zombie stories I've read in ages!


My, my, my. I didn't forget about my good times writing on this site, and its strange to know that I'm still getting hits. :D If you haven't noticed, I'm guilty of being rather inconsistent with my stories (and spelling), but I still love to write. I was going to release a story in anticipation of Fable II... and then for Fable III, but life has (as it often does) gotten in the way. Today, however; today I upload a poem for Fable II. In the works are a Fallout story about one girl's search for identity and a Fable story about truth, lies, and love within a family of Heroes. Don't worry ... Just like a bad rash, I have returned to spam you with my stories. :)

(Sidenote: This account is 7 years old. Good god, I'm AGING! AGGGGGIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!! ITBURNS!)

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