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I have a brand new challenge for everyone. Well, actually two.

Rule 1: It is a Harry Potter or Naruto Crossover with Future Card Buddyfight

Rule 2: Harry or Naruto must have a Buddy like Drum Bunker Dragon or JackKnife Dragon and must rarely or never lose (also includes a Final Phase Card like Gargantua Punisher, Dragonic Punisher, or even Diabolical Hardcore.

Rule 3: Harry and Naruto must have spent a little bit of time in one of the Worlds

Rule 4: There has to be an encounter with either members of Dumbledore's gang (Harry) or a showdown between Naruto with his Buddy Monster and the stupid demanding crazy-as-fuck Sasuke who thinks he can claim whatever he wants just because he sees everyone as below him and himself as God. (Sorry about the rant, I just REALLY hate that guy.) And if the ninjas or wizards try to claim their decks and such, they can enable the Future Force.

Rule 5: The decks can be customized

Rule 6: Family members can be alive, but they have to be considered as enemies to Harry and Naruto.

Optional Rule: If you want you can include the Organization XIII in the main character's deck.

If you decide that you want to do this challenge, PM me and let me know. I'm rarely on since I'm not a very good Author, but I will be online constantly.

New Challenge!

Slugterra/Harry Potter Crossover

Rule 1: Eli has to be related to Harry is some manner.

Rule 2: At some point in the TV show or before, Harry must be rescued from the Dursleys and taken to Slugterra.

Rule 3: This story cannot be a three-parter. It can go through all the Slugterra TV Episodes and Movies. I know the chronological order so here you go.

Slugterra Season 1

Slugterra Season 2

Slugterra Season 3

Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond

Slugterra: Return of the Elementals

Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown

Slugterra Season 4

Slugterra: Into the Shadows

Other than that, you're free to go off in any direction. Even going so far as to take the Shane Gang up to the surface and help fight Voldemort.

Also, there must be Dumbledore/Weasley Bashing!

Again, if there are any people interested, PM me. I am usually on all the time.

Update! Again...

I am looking for some people who are willing to make more Naruto/Dinosaur King Crossovers!

Either Naruto has a Dino Holder in the Narutoverse, or he can turn into or merge with a dinosaur. That is all.

Nobody is stealing my ideas, right? I have been waiting for someone to actually start on one of these, and not just say they will. Whenever I cry, it's just like Pinkie Pie. You don't want to see me when I'm like that. It's a weird glitch that happened a while back. But anyways, someone PLEASE at least try to write something more than just a one-or-two shot! I want to be able to see a full length fanfiction, not a sissy two chapter cut-off cliffhanger. I'm talking to a very specific person out there who has an obsession with harry-adoption fanfiction who doesn't go any farther than two or three chapters.

May 1, 2017

New challenge. Anybody heard of Mix Masters? Well what if Naruto got the Mix Master Device from the Forbidden Scroll including the card database?


Kyuubi has his own card

Bijuu Bomb is a special card

Custom cards can be created and blank cards can be used to save people from dying. A.K.A. Haku and Zabuza...

Council bashing, Sasuke-bashing, basically Sharingan-bashing. And Fem-Haku--This one is NOT a suggestion. There is no way in hell that Haku could even be a guy. I mean come on Japan, just because your sexist ways believe that women can't kick ass and have to kiss asses instead, that does not mean that every girl in the world is a pushover. There also is the fact about her walk, it is completely naturally feminine.

Pachi, or Pazzi helps care for Naruto and comes out of the Forbidden Scroll and doesn't fuse and disappear afterwards. (I just love that lovable ball of fur)

Any weapons Naruto has can be turned into card form and be summoned as a tool card or shot out of his Mix Master Device as real weapons.

NaruHaku Pairing! is a requirement.

You can basically add stuff to this because it leaves a lot in the way of adjustment. And no oneshots or drabble fics!

You can contact me using this email address; just remove the spaces between the words. joeyblast @ gmail . com

Note: Only use my email address to contact me about the challenges or use the PM system.

Brand new challenge idea.

Sonic the Hedgehog/Ranma 1/2

Blaze discovers Ranma while Genma is in the process of training Ranma in the Neko Ken. Seeing the abuse of Genma, she runs out when Ranma comes out acting like a cat.

(Optional) Blaze teleports them to Mobius, where Ranma becomes either her daughter or son, and is also turned into a cat, voiding the Neko Ken.

(Sub-Optional) Blaze teaches Ranma to wield Pyrokinesis, and Genma tries to summon her back to their world at the Tendo's, but instead all the Sonic Heroes females and maybe some of the males appear along with Ranma. Knuckles will still have the Master Emerald, other than that, you can branch off from there.

Update 4/7/2019

New Challenge!

Fuse/Naruto Crossover

Requirements (One or more members of Overstrike adopting Naruto) Not optional: 1 has to be Izzy or Naya!

P M me to notify me of attempting one of my challenges. Do not use my email.

Please visit LostInfernoFireDragon at his YouTube channel, and Sub scribe.

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