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Why hello there!

Although I both created and abandoned this account in high school, I have been continuously reading various stories on this site and figured that I may as well utilize the account that I already made. So, here we are!

I’m a university student in Canada, and am a huge geek in my spare time. I grew up really into different video games, despite the fact that I’m terrible at playing them :P and then went on to movies and tv shows. One of my primary interests, however, is anime, as I love the language and culture.

The fandoms I am most active in:

Sonic the Hedgehog

Harry Potter

Detective Conan/Magic Kaito

Miraculous Ladybug


Assassination Classroom

Studio Ghibli Movies (especially Howl’s Moving Castle omg)

...and honestly so many others. I could go on and on if I really wanted to ;)

Other things about me...I love to read (duh), and my favourite literature is stuff that makes me think and really expresses the characters nicely. My favourite author is Patrick Rothfuss, and I highly recommend him to anyone who likes the fantasy genre. His writing is absolutely flawless. I love tea, and going for walks outside (whenever it isn’t freezing). I’m a christian, and actually did some bible college just so I could really understand my faith a while back. I love dessert, and I always fall back to ice cream when I have a sweet tooth. I love moonlit skies and the little noises that echoe through the evening air. And I love doing things that I’m passionate about - things that give me new experience and help others.

Other Sites (not that they get much use either haha):

DeviantArt http:///


My Characters (aka the beings whose hearts I like to toy around with for my own satisfaction)

Kaitlyn Thorne (KT): My first character, and definitely the most in depth one. Like most fan characters, she started out being kind of like me (hence the username), but then I realized that I couldn't develop much of a plot with her. After a lot, and I mean a lot of changes, she has become what she is today. She is featured as a Sonic character in The Chaos Resistance by Solaris Prime, Sonic Heroes 2 by comicfan616, and The New Recruits by Gnat1, though she is a bit different in each one, since I was still in the process of properly altering her character.

Leif Thorne: After creating KT, I felt that I shouldn't be all cliche and kill off her family. Thus, Leif was created, along with their father. Built in the image of my own little brother (or at least when he was younger), this little guy will always hold a place in my heart. He is mentioned in The New Recruits by Gnat1, though he does not make an appearance.

Henry Thorne: This one is the father of KT and Leif. Crazy enough, I didn’t actually intend to do much with this character, but by now he has basically morphed into the ‘villian’ of this character set. At his core, he’s the kind of guy who has just gone through so much that he’s lost sight of who he truly is, especially when it comes to being a father.

Elixir (or Eli)This guy is a gem, honestly, and I love him. Made to be KT’s unintentional good friend (and maybe love interest hahaha), he is in some ways almost parallel to the girl herself. But he also has some cute bonding moments with Leif, which I adore.

Now if only I could actually get around to writing their story...

Questions? Concerns? Interest? Boredom? PM me! (Anything else, and I might not recieve the message)

Best Regards,

Kaitlyn Thorne

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