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Hi and thanks for stopping by! I'm newer to fan fiction than many, but I've enjoyed reading all of the fantastic works people have put out. It amazes me how talented so many of you out there are! I'm not lying when I say I've even sometimes enjoyed fan fics more than original books, shows, etc. I personally try to keep my lists of favorite authors and stories to only ones I would recommend, so if you're looking for some good reads, I'd recommend you check 'em out.

Recently, I've started writing and found it to be thrilling, terrifying, frustrating, and rewarding, all wrapped together. I appreciate beyond words all feedback - praise and constructive criticism alike - since it encourages me and helps me grow. That said, I do try to have reasons for my choices in my stories, so if you offer constructive feedback I may write back to explain my reasoning - doesn't mean you have to agree, but I think it's only fair to be able to have a dialogue. Also, I really try to respond to every review! I feel that if people take the time to leave one, it deserves a reply (if PMs are enabled) and I appreciate other authors who do the same. I'm not going to claim I'm perfect at this, but I try :)

Ships I love (in no particular order):

Ben/Leslie - Parks & Rec

Arthur/Gwen - Merlin

Bridget/Mark - Bridget Jones' Diary

Elizabeth/Darcy - P&P

Edward/Bella - Twilight

Nathan/Audrey - Haven

There are occasionally others I've read and enjoyed, but these seem to be the most prevalent. I also seem to go through phases of what I'm into and now that I'm working on a multi-chapter story, I have a lot less time to read as much. Also, a story being well-written (and I include grammar, spelling, and typos, in addition to plot) is very important to me. I have had to abandon stories before because there were so many mistakes I could not enjoy the story. Not to jump on a soapbox, but truly, FFN has beta readers so I really feel there's no excuse for multiple, obvious errors. A comma missing here or there? No biggie. But not knowing the difference between "defiant" and "definite," for example, can just get to be too much. If the errors pull me from the story in order to decipher what's happening, I will give up.

I'm also on livejournal as halo_221. There are a couple older fics there that I have not posted here, but otherwise, I'm on here more than there. (To be honest, I really haven't been on LJ almost at all since I started Overheard)

And, in case I forget to put a disclaimer on any of my stories, all my fics are solely for enjoyment, I'm not making any money nor do I intend to infringe upon the rightful owners of any of my stories in any way. That said, the parts I've made up myself are mine, so please don't steal or reproduce without my permission.

January 15, 2016 ~ Overheard Update:

Chapter 28 is posted!! I promise to get working on chapter 29 as soon as I can :) Thank you all for your love and support for this story! I promise that even when it takes me a long time, I AM going to finish it.

April 7, 2017 ~ Overheard Update:

So as you can see, it's been over a year and Ch. 29 isn't complete. I do have several pages written and I'm continuing to work on it. Life has been so completely, insanely busy for me since 2015 (and it doesn't seem to be letting up either!) so this has seriously impacted my writing time. And I've been struggling for a while now with the overall plot plan, which also affects my writing. However, I remain committed so please do not be discouraged. I am delayed but never disappeared.

October 3, 2017 ~ Overheard Update:

Chapter 29 is posted! I know that it took forever and I am sorry. However, you can see I keep my promise that at least I am still working on it! I'm leaving the other updates on here since I think it's useful to get a sense of how long the process is taking me so that hopefully anyone who's wondering where I am will at least know that I am continuing to work on the story and updating here, even if it's been ages. As always, your support means so very much to me!

April 20, 2022 ~ Update:

I wish I could say I was posting a new chapter after so long, but sadly it has not happened yet. Between having a kid (because that baby I was expecting is 4 years old now!), a job, and the pandemic, I'm pretty much permanently sleep deprived and behind schedule with everything. However, I absolutely 100% do still intend to finish Overheard someday. I don't know that that makes anyone who's been waiting years (ugh, just writing that makes me cringe, I'm sorry) feel any better, but maybe for those who have newly come across the story you will feel a bit better knowing that I do intend to finish. Or maybe it won't, I don't know. At least you will have this update to know I have not disappeared. And in the meantime, please know that I continue to appreciate your support and that there are still readers coming to this story after so long. I see you and I know you're waiting and I am doing my best.

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