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For those who check these things, just a quick update on how my writing is coming along.



Thorny Tangle(RWBY)- Slow progress, but I'm working on the next chapter. Starting up school again is kicking my ass. Don't expect quick updates for this one. Currently trying to work my way to a major time skip in order to bring the story closer to cannon timeline. Over 2k words into the next chapter, but I'm having difficulty finding a way to write major events. I also need to catch up with the episodes again, but cannon currently has little to no impact on the story so that isn't yet a large problem.


1000 Suns(H.O.T.D.)- Currently no plans for a rewrite. My first finished story on this site.

The Last Night(Ranger's Apprentice)- I toyed with the idea of turning this into a full story, however at the time I wasn't really up to basically writing my own novel, as the plot from the Ranger's Apprentice series would not apply to this one. I may return to this story if I'm feeling ambitious.


Being Human(H.O.T.D. x AvP)- I enjoyed the idea, but I have no intention of coming back to it any time in the foreseeable future

Future Projects

Currently no concrete plans. I find myself toying with a few ideas but lacking the energy to further develop them.

This is up to date as of January 2016.

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